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The following article from Magnus Norman, coach of Stan Wawrinka is very correct. This sort of thing in the Tennis World is common, coaches taking credit for another coach's hard work.
I once spent over five years with a student and within a few months of them leaving my program they made a State squad. The new coach took all the credit. Uneducated tennis coaches are famous for this type of thing.
I have since spoken to that player and I was in fact thanked for the work I put in. The following article is a ripper Magnus, well written. He doesn't have his head stuck up his own bum like many......

Reflections from Magnus after French Open

June 10, 2015

Right after the matchpoint was won in Paris everything turned up side down and its like a proper circus starts that we cant really control. Everyone wants a piece of what just happened. Everyone wants a piece of Stan and also wants to hear my thoughts as a coach. There is journalists, photographers, family, friends and people from the industry that all wants to congratulate. Its an amazing feeling but after 2 weeks with intense work you are actually really exhausted mentally. Im happy i got 2 minutes alone with Stan in the hotel. Those moments together with your player after accomplishing something special together, are the moments your cheerish for the rest of your life.

Enough have been written about the final already. Stan did one of his best matches in his career. The third set was the best ive seen him play. To be able to do so in a big final against the world number one is offcourse very impressive. Stan has something that is hard to teach. He IS a champion. He HAS a champions mentality when he is on and confident.

Many ex players, coaches and players have come up to me and congratulated us to the win. Its something special to be recognised by people in the business. Novaks team was very generous after the match and credited Stan and our team. Very nicely done by him and his team. Roger called and congratulated. I know how much that means to Stan.

Mats Wilander wrote an article in Le Eqipe where he said that he believed that i was the best tenniscoach in the world. Amazing to hear from such a knowledgeable person as Mats. However i cant really accept that.

I think a lot more of the credit of a player doing well at a professional stages should go to the development coaches that has been working with the player in younger years. Coaches that has created the fundamentals of the player at a time when the spotlight is PERHAPS years away. Coaches that have been there early in the mornings, late at night and weekends doing all the hard work. I cant accept taking credit for that. The coaches that should have a majority of the credit after a win like that should be THOSE development coaches.

Have i done a good job with Stan? Yes im very proud of what we have achieved together over 2 years. But that would not have been possible without all the fundamental work that has already been made. The work that im doing is a continuation of whats already been done.

I am a partowner of the Good to Great Tennis Academy in Stockholm. We are focusing on player development from age 12 to 19-20 years old. I know how much work and effort it takes to produce good players with solid fundamentals from an early age. Take Elias Ymer as an example. I have been contributing to Elias career since he was 12 years old. Elias is now 19 years old and soon top 150 in the world. It has been an amazing ride and i have put countless hours on Elias without even beeing paid. I have done it first and foremost because i like him as a person and i like his family. Maybe Elias would have been where he is today without me. But maybe not. Today at 19 years of age, Elias has moved on and is training with an academy in Barcelona. I feel very good about this as i feel he is in good hands. I feel great about the set up that he has. To one day see him lift a big trophy would be amazing. If he does, i really hope that Elias and his coach will credit the work that was made when no one else was watching.

Next up for Stan is the very nice grass tournament at the Queens club in London. It will offcourse be a challenge to regroup our mindset to grass but i think we will be fine. Stan will play doubles with Grigor Dimitrov and we are really looking forward to that as well.

Thanks for supporting Stan and our team throughout good and maybe more important bad times. See you on the green grass!


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