Friday, 17 July 2015


The current Australian Tennis Davis Cup Captain Wally Masur once famously said 'Bring back the cow paddock'. Nice work Wal, that's what happened, you were more than partly responsible for Australia playing on a surface that is not preferred to anyone but retiring professional Lleyton Hewitt who is past his prime. Now Australia are two matches down, how did that happen ?
Australia were playing a country who probably doesn't know a whole lot about grass apart from the fact that it may feed cows back in Kazakhstan. Sam Groth took a set from tennis legend Roger Federer at Wimbledon a week ago yet was overlooked for a singles place, why would that be Wally? Nick Kyrgios was not in the right frame of mind to play tennis at all while Bernie was busy racking up a nine grand penthouse bill in Miami plus an arrest all in the same night. I am putting up my hand to run tennis in this country, I reckon myself and Mickey Mouse could make some better decisions that are currently being made.
So now apparently it's Bernie's fault that Australia are 0-2 down in the Davis Cup against a country who Australia should be beating comfortably. Don't blame Bernie fellas, blame the poor decision making from Wally and other team members who overlooked the obvious.
Why didn't Kokkinakis play doubles with Hewitt ? They played well together at Wimbledon where they in fact beat the 15th seeds in round one and pushed the eventual winners Rojer and Tecau all the way in a 7-6, 6-3, 7-6 loss in round two.
Are we missing something Wally ?

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