Sunday, 19 July 2015

'WHY' ?

Not quite sure why some 'coaches' keep talking up consolation events. Quite frankly a consolation event is for players who lose in the first round. Yes it is great extra competition for young players who require match practice to refine their on court thinking however let's put it into perspective.
If you are playing consolation events you are not up to the standard currently required to play main draw events, pretty simple.
What totally confuses me is why it is still being looked upon as some sort of victory for the 'coach' or is it that some are struggling to gain publicity with any of their players so resorting to second tier results is their only form of bragging rights ?
I am big on practice matches as it's the only way a young player will learn the game properly due to the fact that drills will only do so much. I don't believe though that it's worth a mention.
I once received some flack locally for asking a rather obvious question and that was 'why are results not being written up correctly'? This was in relation to certain 'coaches' not putting in the fine print when registering results in the paper.
The minor details were that the players involved did in fact play the consolation events and made the semi finals. Great effort kids but your 'coach' did not specify that and it left it open to debate; Was this detail left out deliberately to make the players and 'coach' look way better than they actually were ? You do the sums.
So the debate is there, are practice matches worth a write up or should they be treated as just that, practice matches ?
You will notice that I also use inverted commas fairly liberally when writing the word COACH, that's because some 'coaches' are constantly taking the piss out of the whole system. That's because they lack ability to teach so they resort to gimmicks, the industry is full of 'em. Makes for some light hearted reading though that should belong in the fiction section of the library.
If any 'coach' reads this and takes offence then I do apologise, it's only meant to have a dig at the 'ball hitters' of the game and not the real COACHES who in fact get results......
Regards GT

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