Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Even though I am not a fan of Women's tennis I am a fan of kids like Belinda Bencic who at just 18 years of age can beat players of Serena Williams stature. Now I have made it rather clear that I can't stand anything about Serena as I believe she is a poor loser, unlike someone like say Roger Federer who takes it all in his stride.
The thing about Bencic who just won in Toronto against four top ten players including Serena is that she actually goes to the net other than just to shake hands. If you haven't seen any of the footage then I suggest you take a look at the last game in particular against Williams where she attacked rather than just wait for an error. In fact on one of the winning points she actually hit a drive volley off her backhand side from below the knees and followed it into the net.
This was all after she saw a 5-1 lead in the third set close to 5-4 and actually was receiving in the last game. That shows guts. If she had waited for something to happen then I am sure she would not have went on to win that match plus the following final against Halep.
Sure that match was handed to Bencic at 3-0 up in the third due to Halep retiring with heat exhaustion but Bencic had the better of the second set and perhaps should have won in straight. In the end she simply wore her more experienced opponent out, a rare feat.
I don't watch much women's tennis but I couldn't help but notice how an 18 year old beat the best in the World, that's outrageous. Despite my lack of respect for Williams I honestly feel that someone for a change took the tactical side of tennis up to Serena and didn't allow her to dictate.
I also liked the way that Bencic chipped some returns back rather than attempt to drive it like most players do when receiving. A mix up of tactics quite often can take even the best players out of their comfort zone.
I do not know what they are doing with their tennis in Switzerland but it seems that it's not just the men that can play tennis. Martina Hingis was without a doubt the best female player to come out of the land of cow bells and chocolate, she's still winning now even after retiring twice but at last there may be a new girl on the block.
Indoor courts maybe and all year round tennis ? Quite possibly, it seems to be working though whatever it is......

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