Thursday, 13 August 2015


The way that Nick Kyrgios sledged reigning French Open Champion Stan Wawrinka was interesting to say the least. I am not going to jump on to the band wagon that condemns every possible move that Nick makes however I am a little surprised at the brutality of his latest offering.
To say that someone has 'banged' your girlfriend is a low act in itself but saying it with your back turned to them is not really that brave when you look at it. If you haven't seen the footage yet then I would suggest you take a look.
It reminds me of when a group of young lads drive past a police car and give them the middle finger salute, from underneath the dash board of course, no bravery whatsoever.
To get into a slanging match with an opponent shows that you lack the ability to win with your shots and mind strength. I don't remember the last time I witnessed a player winning regularly which involved sledging an opponent.
I have defended Nick's actions' in the past because I firmly believe he is still finding his way in life as well as on a tennis court but this is a tough thing to defend. I also do not believe that Lleyton Hewitt is the man to take Nick from a lad to a gentleman to be respected. Hewitt was one of the World's most arrogant tennis players whether you choose to agree with me or not. His history with on court altercations is living proof.
If a player needs to sledge then he lacks belief in what he has to offer with his game. On court sledging lacks heart and lacks intelligence. I wish Nick all the best with his new 'mentor' Mr Hewitt. Hopefully Lleyton will teach him to do the opposite of what he once did.........

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