Tuesday, 25 August 2015


It's quite amusing to look back on the 'people' who I have upset with some of the content on this site as they are the 'people' who have always maintained that I lack any credibility whatsoever in tennis. These 'people' read this site regularly. Why ? I have no credibility so why would you read it ?
It's also interesting to note that the 'people' who I have upset all stem from one corner and one corner only of the game and the country. I won't go into the finer details.
I heard just recently that the majority of lawsuits now days stem from social media pages, no real surprise there and I suppose this site comes under that banner.
This site however is a little different in many ways when you think about it as it's not really craving the attention of a Facebook page that basically asks for feed back. If I get it well that's fine, if not I really couldn't give a fat rat's toss bag, I simply write to get things off my chest, plain and simple.
I have a look at other tennis sites, Facebook pages and the like just to see what is going on in other parts of the country in a sport that is full of egotistical and self absorbed ways. I find it more than interesting to see how others market and explain the game, call me nosey if you must.
I saw one just recently that belittled a student to such an extent that unless the parent is totally oblivious to common sense then I doubt the student will be spending much more time on court with this 'guru'. Once again I will refrain from details, I tend to upset certain 'people' when I go into the finer points of my information.
Unfortunately in the sport of tennis it can become a culture type of thing in certain areas of the country and some 'people' are glorified to such an extent that no matter what is said it is taken as gospel and 'bottled'. It is then opened when one is short of one's own common sense. It is that type of sport unfortunately, possibly never to change with the growth of Facebook 'gurus' who have never even stepped out of their own back yard yet command respect for some unknown reason.
I was always taught that in tennis you have to earn respect, by at least having a go, by putting your mind and body to the test, by walking, not just talking. There's a lot to the game of tennis and it requires a smart mind, not just a head that comes up with regular clich├ęs to make themselves sound as though they know what they are doing. Eventually a smart student or parent, even both will see through the bullsh.. and move on or give up the game entirely due to the amount of contradiction fed from someone trying to justify their existence.
I do firmly believe that what I said in some older chapters still has merit even though I was threatened with legal action for writing it. I stand by my arguments that have stemmed from me venturing from my own backyard and seeing the big wide world of tennis even though it was only for a 10 week tour of competition tennis in Europe.
I would recommend the idea to anyone, especially the 'coach' who knows 'everything' and who has watched the game from the stands and now knows the game so well they can command $80 an hour for saying they have conquered the tennis pinnacle.
Yep it's a funny sport tennis, run by 'people' who know every minor detail of the game who have gained 'credibility' through watching the sport on television and reading books. Let's not forget also that in our country especially we own a governing body that believes that Davis Cup should be played ONLY on grass, a surface that NO player practices on to refine any part of their game on a regular basis.
Argumentative bastard aren't I ? Wouldn't have it any other way.........

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