Tuesday, 1 September 2015


I hate tipping now days because it's like a chook raffle, almost an impossibility to win but I will have a go at this year's US Open. Usually it's all about head space, not necessarily current form. In saying that I do believe that there are two gents from Switzerland who own two vastly different mind sets currently but who could both take out the title in New York this year.
Stan is mad as hell that his private life has been given front page news lately and I think that may just fire him up enough to give the trophy a real nudge. Roger,well he's just Roger, a genius who has been in red hot hard court form lately and who is rather content with life in general. Life is a giggle for the Fed.
So I am going no further than the home of cow bells and chocolates for the title this year in New York, simple as that.
Stan or Roger.
Women's title ?
Who cares ?

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