Friday, 11 September 2015


Yes folks it's that time of year again, the smell of Spring is in the air, the time the yellow fuzzy ball gets hit around and the red carpet gets rolled out as 'coach of the year' steps onto court. 'Coach of the year' resides in most towns, most regions and most cities and I was 'lucky' enough to observe a student who had no ability whatsoever being 'taught' by another 'guru' of the game just recently.
I was always taught that if a student could not do a drill because of lack of ability to hit a tennis ball then the lesson should be all about teaching technique. 
What I saw however was a student with no technical ability being moved around the court simply for the 'coach' to look like they were doing their job. Typical of tennis coaching in the modern era.
It's all about looking cool, not ruffling the hair, saying things that sound technical and not getting the hands dirty.
Personally if a student has no ability to hit a tennis ball then I would not be standing at the baseline to feed a ball and I would not even be looking at a drill. A new student of tennis requires a ball to be placed in the same spot over and over to work on technique, pretty simple really. Why would you do anything else ?
Yes it's nearly tennis season and the Facebook Tennis Coach is ready to Rock 'n' Roll, ready to impart their Worldly tennis knowledge on the unsuspecting student and parent who believe that parting with $60 or $70 per hour is money well spent. After all surely the more you spend for a tennis lesson the more you learn, correct ?
All you need to do is locate the most expensive 'coach' and the game is a piece of cake, it's what learning the game of tennis is all about now days. Apparently.
I love this time of year, the comedy routines are plentiful all around the country and all you need is a piece of paper that says that you are a 'qualified tennis coach'. With this piece of paper you can earn some tax free cash that real workers take three plus hours to make in the real World.
Yep, it's that time of year so go find yourself a 'coach' to take you to the next level and find the most expensive, it's money well spent......

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