Thursday, 8 October 2015


Got a phone call a little while back from a little country tennis club many miles up the road who are in need of some tennis tuition. This is how the phone call played out . "What do you charge for tennis lessons Glenn" ? This was my answer " I have been told I am a lousy businessman but a reasonably good tennis coach, not sure, you come up with a figure, I will see you on court".
So that was it, I was sent an email within a few days, funny thing was this, I would have done it for half of what they offered. Tennis coaching is not heart surgery, (though some people I know could do with a transplant when it comes to turning up on tournament day rather than constantly going missing.)
It's just a sport, one however that does need a little bit of experience when guiding the kids through the initial stages of stroke production. I am flattered to have been thought of by this region who are dead keen on their tennis yet are a long way from anyone who can help them with their sport. 
I look forward to going through some shot production and teaching them my theory on the rally ball that I have had in my head since I first watched Borg and Wilander play.
This site will be quiet for a few days which will no doubt please some people who really don't like anything that I write. For those of you who do appreciate my writing well I will be back at the end of the weekend with some more stories to tell of this silly game.
Have a great weekend......
Regards GT

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