Wednesday, 25 November 2015


A big thank you to my good buddy Brett Patten for inviting me onto his radio show, 'Court Talk' 91.3. Now that was an experience let me tell you. It's interesting when you are put in front of a microphone and asked some questions about a sport that you have played all your life because it's like tennis, you don't have a lot of time to think about a reply.
By all reports it went well and I didn't say anything that I shouldn't have. I do have a habit of upsetting people however this time around I think I am in the clear. It was fascinating to listen to a fellow by the name of Glenn Busby, an absolute champion of the sport and a man who teaches at the Kooyong Tennis Centre in Melbourne. 'Buzz' is 58 years of age.
The interesting thing to note about Buzz is his take on what he expects of his assistant coaches in regards to playing the game. In the interview he spoke of the need for all active coaches to actually play the game as much as they can as it helps with the thought process which can be relayed to students. Coaches who are regularly playing the game are constantly thinking through situations themselves which can ultimately benefit their students.
My question to Buzz was fairly straight forward however it was rather well received by both Brett and Buzz. It was in regards to the emphasis that is placed on actual point play in practice and decision making as opposed to 'aimless' hitting sessions with no structure. Buzz believes that it is THE most important aspect of the game.
For those of you interested in the interview the entire show is on SPORTS TALK 91.3 and it's rather simple to look up the Podcast of COURT TALK from NOV 22 and have a listen to the show. All previous shows can be replayed. As far as my radio debut was concerned, well it went as well as I could have hoped. BP is a legend at it but I was happy to simply fill in some gaps here and there. When you know a bit about the sport it isn't too difficult.
I would encourage all tennis coaches who are fit, willing, able and who can still hit a ball to show their students whenever and where ever they can that they know how to play the game as opposed to just talking about it. Buzz is a true indication that at 58 years of age it is never too late to reach your full potential ( he is currently ranked World Number 1 for over 50's ). He is also an inspiration to the students he teaches.
Great interview, great bloke, great radio program is Court Talk. Thanks Brett Patten for the opportunity to have a say, hope to do it again.......

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