Tuesday, 15 December 2015


My apologies however now that I know that more than two people read this site (My Mum and myself ) I find myself writing more than an occasional apology for not writing more or taking a break from it altogether.
I have no idea who reads this site outside of Australia apart from the odd hit or two coming through on a stat counter from the US, New Zealand or Asia. Apart from that I do not know who reads my chapters so I hope that I am not offending anyone by working on another project. Every now and then someone re shares one of my chapters to another site because they believe that it has substance. Most just think I am full of shit ( Nature of the game, no offence taken ).
I have a side Blog going at the moment which I hope to have finished within a couple of months, some new material and some old stuff that I have elaborated on from earlier chapters. (No one ever made a buck from a free site.)
Call me a dreamer however I believe that my mind has enough material to write a book about tennis. I am working on something that I believe will fill enough pages to warrant it being called a book.
If I sell two copies then it will be a success. We all have dreams in life. Mine at the moment is to get all of the worms outa my head and into a book so I can eventually move on from tennis and take up golf and fishing.
I used to dream about winning Lotto however that has passed. I now dream of clearing my mind of a lifelong thought process that has revolved around tennis and the issues associated with possibly the World's most egotistical sport.
Someone told me a while back that they would buy a copy of my book because they actually think that I write some good things from time to time. That's all I need to give it a go.
I have written some things over the past few years that have landed me into hot water however I have talked my way out of it. The apologies however were not sincere  because I believe in what I write on this site. It's just like when I teach tennis, I believe in what I 'preach'.
If I don't write much in the next couple of months then I apologise once again but I have bigger fish to fry and the worms in my head need to be released.
If you know me well then you will realise what I am saying. I have a book to write, see you soon......
Regards GT

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