Thursday, 17 December 2015


Tough gig. Trying to write on my main Blog and at the same time working on another. Do people who write books have jobs ? Fair dinkum I reckon if I was unemployed then writing a book may be a piece of cake but I enjoy my job though I get paid peanuts. It simply gives me time to think about what I would rather be doing and not all jobs afford us that luxury.
It's interesting when I go through the 500 plus chapters that I have already written and look at the final paragraph that I could have perhaps elaborated on but I was only just trying to offer an opinion, view or statistic, not write a novel. Funny how times have changed and now that silly mind of mine is after an extended view of what I have already done.
I wonder why on earth I have even done what I already have with a minimal audience and a few I am sure who would prefer that I don't write anything at all because it simply upsets them (Long story).
I suppose that it all stems from my youth and how my heroes from Sweden would inspire me to such a point that I would ride my bike to the nearest shopping centre and grab a paper during the Grand Slams.
There was no You tube, very little on a sports report and I had to travel to the City on my school holidays to see any matches televised as down here in sleepy hollow we did not see much in the way of tennis apart from Borg and Wimbledon. Yet that was enough to get a young kid playing the game.
The year Borg did not attempt to reclaim his French Open crown of 1981 I bought a paper every day ( The Daily News of 1982) to see if a 17 year old scruffy kid by the name of Mats could keep the title in Swedish hands. I would ride the distance of around 4 kilometres after hitting on the garage wall for an hour or two before hand and pay my 40 cents (big bucks back then ) to read the results. I would open that paper in as much anticipation as a kid on Xmas morning.
If my Swedish heroes were winning ( Mats, Nystrom, Jarryd, Simonsson ) etc then all was good in the World. If they didn't then I would hit that ball even harder against the garage wall when I got home. Funny how we still remember the reasons why we played the game and the people who inspired us to play.
My book may just be a let down when it is finished as trying to replicate things that we found dear to us as kids can be tinged with disappointment when trying to describe it later in life. Was it really that exciting back then ?!
In saying that I am committed to attempting to write a book that describes tennis the way I saw it as a kid, the way I read the game and the way in which my heroes 'taught' me the game by simply playing it in front of me on television. Back then that's all we had, a hero, a wall, a racket and a desire to be like them. There were no fancy coaching programs, a computer to analyse our games or a Zen Master who knew it all, we just had a dream to be like the players who inspired us. There was just one tournament a year on television in my home town, Wimbledon and if Borg didn't win it then it was like Xmas presents being delivered by the Milkman. It just wasn't quite the same.
The years of 1976 to 1980 ( I think that's correct ) were the years that Santa had it all 100 per cent correct, he delivered and so did Borg at Wimbledon, the two went hand in hand.
If I sell a couple of copies of my future book then I will be ridiculously flattered as anyone who reads something from someone who is a 'tennis nobody' well it may just be looked upon as something like the great Paul Hogan once said. I vividly remember when 'Hoges' described his efforts of trying to sell 'Crocodile Dundee' to Hollywood as someone turning up at the Olympics and asking if they could have a run.
My dream of writing a book on tennis is well under way but for those of you who still read this site well I feel obliged to keep offering a chapter or two but it won't be as prolific as before. After all I can't keep giving my secrets away as far as the mind game of tennis is concerned. I have done around 20 chapters so far, only around 50 to go, we will get there.
Thanks for tuning in.......
Regards GT

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