Sunday, 20 December 2015


The interview on Court Talk 91.3 with Australian doubles expert John Peers this morning was enlightening to say the least. Brett Patten asked him possibly the best question that could have been asked and that was why on earth was he not selected to play in the Davis Cup semi final against Great Britain this year.
Peers answer was diplomatic to say the least however it still left us with many questions and not enough answers in regards to the selection process regarding Davis Cup in this country.
Anyone who knows anything about tennis will say the same thing and that is this: If Australia had won the doubles against GB then they would most probably have been crowned the Davis Cup champions of 2015. The singles matches against Andy Murray were a 'write off' however they were almost irrelevant because the semi final was there to be won in the other three matches. 
Hewitt no doubt would have played the final singles match against Dan Evans and would have had way too much experience for him, no risk.
Belgium were no match for GB in the final and Australia would have been just as tough for them if the right team was selected. 
But it all came down to the doubles in the semi final in Glasgow.
Apparently the Australian Davis Cup Captain Wally Masur was happy with Groth and Hewitt after their win against Kazakhstan so Peers was not on the radar for a doubles berth. So why not ? Look at the doubles pairing of the Murray brothers, a great team but not a team who would bother too many doubles experts as they would find ways to exploit Andy's lack of doubles expertise. How often does Andy play doubles as opposed to teams who live and breathe the two on two format ?
The reason Great Britain won the doubles against Australia was because of two reasons, Jamie Murray and the lack of doubles knowledge from the opposition. Jamie has an ability to read the court as good as most doubles exponents and he was the one who was giving his brother the advice in that particular match, not the other way around.
Jamie should know what is required in doubles as he made it to the final of the US Open and Wimbledon with none other than JOHN PEERS. Shall we do the sums on that one folks ?
Who better to read the Murrays than JOHN PEERS who partnered Jamie all year and just missed out at the final hurdle of two grand slams. Are you following me on this one ? Why wasn't JOHN PEERS slotted in as the player who without a doubt would have made the difference in that semi final against Great Britain ? 
His knowledge on the opposition would have been invaluable or didn't Wally Masur think of that ? Isn't tennis all about gaining that vital edge on the opposition ? 
Did Wally not want to upset the team 'harmony' of the quarter final win against a team they should have beaten comfortably yet took until the final match to do so ? Either way it was just plain silly to not include Peers in the semi final because he knows how to play doubles, it's all he plays, he is an expert.
Hey Wal' John Peers is ranked inside the top 10 players in the World for doubles just in case you didn't know.
So who should Peers have played with ? Well if Masur was the tactician that a Davis Cup Captain needs to be then Hewitt would perhaps have got the nod over Groth because of his returning expertise as Sam does not excel in that department and the return in doubles is crucial.
It's one thing to beat a country such as Kazakhstan as Groth and Hewitt did however the Murrays in Britain are a whole different story. They feed off the home crowd but that's where John Peers had the experience in doubles that Groth did not. Hewitt has played more doubles over his career so he was the obvious choice for a spot yet he required someone who could guide him through a tough match just as Jamie did with Andy.
Tennis and Davis Cup in Australia is all about SENTIMENT and nothing else. Common sense never comes into play. Australia should have two more Davis Cup titles in the trophy cabinet, this year as well as 2001 as I suggested in a previous chapter titled 'A Monumental Blunder'.
Who is running the sport in this country ? People with common sense or Walt Disney fairy tale endings in mind ?
You do the sums.......

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