Saturday, 19 December 2015


Sometimes I hear rather bizarre song lyrics and I liken it to tennis, just the way in which my silly mind works. " A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle " I liken those U2 song lyrics to many players who cannot find someone to teach them what they want to know about the game. I vividly recall a kid some years ago texting me for a lesson because his coach could not give what was required in regards to knowledge. That's what he told me.
Did this mean that I was a genius ??! No, it was simply a stage in a kid's life on court that required another opinion, fact of life. I used to write about Dimitrov's association with Rasheed and I always wondered when it would end ( I suggested sooner than later for Grigor's sake ).
I always felt that Grigor needed a tennis mind and not a 'fitness guru's' opinion on something that he quite possibly knew enough of to get by but not enough of to become a champion.
The sport of tennis has many examples of players who started with some, moved to others, moved back to an original coach or some who simply gave up on coaches altogether and started thinking for themselves ( It is an option ).
Look at Borg, he did not require someone in his ear all the time, he was a genius. Bergelin simply toured the World with him and became a Manager more than anyone or anything else. He was an 'influence' rather than someone who told him what to do as is Edberg to Federer and Becker is to Novak. These champions know how to play tennis, they are simply looking for an edge from someone who has done it all before.
The opening music lyric however is typical of players who do not need much except a little advice here and there. Some coaches think they can come in and make sweeping changes just because they have a new title and think of themselves as Zen Masters of a sport that is 'owned' by no one. Smart tennis coaches will have a different view on it all and not attempt to justify their existence in the first 5 minutes.
Relevance in tennis is a big thing ( relation to the matter at hand ). A smart tennis coach will work on relevant issues of a player however the self confessed 'Zen Masters' will tear up a game as well as a player's perception of the sport and turn it into a money making venture as opposed to another view.
Guys like Dimitrov can hit a tennis ball exceptionally well however they have not found a Bergelin, Becker or Edberg just yet to give them that view that finally makes sense.
Patience Grasshopper.......

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