Tuesday, 22 December 2015


The average of my chapters per year over the last two years has been around 190 per year which works out at roughly half a chapter a day, roughly. It is nearly Xmas time and my average from last year is down slightly however the alarm bells have not been ringing as I have been a little busier this year. Sometimes I wonder why I write at all because my audience is not huge and there are no financial rewards yet I find it strangely soothing to say the least.
Every tennis player or coach has an opinion on the game and I like mine to be posted onto a site for anyone to read at anytime.That's just me, I am happy for my ideas to be read, dissected and perhaps shared. That's tennis in a nutshell for me as there are a ridiculous amount of ways to teach the game, some work, many don't, many have an opinion, many are wrong, not many are right. But it makes for some light banter doesn't it ?
When you look at a sport as complex as tennis and the many, many, many ways of teaching the sport and the outrageous discrepancies of the cost of learning tennis it is no wonder that it is not a sport that is as smooth as say AFL Football.
You can only play 'footy' so many ways, tennis however is far different as you can have many perceptions, styles, tactics and beliefs of how it should be played but as the saying goes 'the proof is in the pudding'.
Tennis is a sport that many teach however they do not even know how it works, they have seen it played, have gained a 'degree', commanded a fee and became wealthy over the whole process yet their 'pudding' was never really cooked in the first place.
I like the idea of an ageing surf guru who has the long straggly hair, the VW Wagon and a beach shack as a pad. That would be the guy I would look to as far as teaching my kids how to surf if they desired to. If I saw some knob in a BMW with fancy writing on his car or trailer which generally hides their inability to teach the fundamentals then I wouldn't even ask him for the price of a lesson.
He probably lives in a mansion unlike the surf Zen Master yet the latter probably sleeps better at night knowing that what he does will achieve a result worth writing about.
Call me old fashioned, call me old school, call me an idiot, water off a duck's back. 
If I was a surfing coach I would live on the beach in a shack as I did for nearly ten years as I believe it builds character and a down to earth look on life in general. A surfing Zen Master is the type of person who should be involved in tennis.
No frills, no glossy stuff, just the old fashioned way of teaching, those were the days........

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