Thursday, 7 January 2016


I have stated that I am no fan of the fitness guru Allistair McCaw yet I am drawn to look at his site around once a month just to check out his posts that sometimes contradict and sometimes make sense. I am glad I do as here is a ripper from Mr McCaw.
He recently just posted a rather brief message that went something like this; 3 terms that get used and misinterpreted far too easily in our industry.
1.World Class
2. High Performance
3. Master Coach
All too true Allistair but why is this ? Well it's simple really. The Industry that he talks about is way too full of gimmicks, glossy banners, pieces of paper that state certain individuals or organisations have a licence to make money because of their so called 'achievements' and general hype with as much substance as Walt Disney characters.
Let's take 'World Class' for instance. This is a terminology that many use but perhaps should be saved for such times where a shot is of the standard to test 'World Class' players.
'High Performance' is hilarious as this one gets used all too frequently by 'coaches' or is that 'ball hitters' who conduct programs that have as much high performance about it as a car that has seen better days. Yet it sounds great though doesn't it ??
"Hey Dad what's this 'high performance' thing ? I want to be a part of that.  'Not sure son but I reckon it must be good, it sounds good, so it must be good'. (Typical gimmick, all hype, no substance whatsoever).
'Master Coach', Sure thing, we are all 'Master Coaches' in our own minds but that piece of paper once again will prove that this particular 'title' will be a sort after achievement because of the 'high intensity' training that goes with it. Three days should do it, then a test and bingo 'YOU DA MAN', you are now worth $80 an hour to spread the gospel. Forget whether you have been out of your back yard or not, totally irrelevant, as long as you passed the test, all good.
Finally I will put one in of my own, 'Director of Tennis', love this one. What the f... is that title ? Not sure, sounds great, many 'ball hitters', sorry, coaches put that on their glossy pages as it looks great but no one really knows what it means. After all if you are a coach of tennis then naturally you will 'direct' proceedings. Fair dinkum brilliant stuff.
But as the current coaching climate suggests, it is all about the wording, the big bright stuff and don't forget the coloured signage on the side of the vehicle that has 'TRAVELLING CIRCUS' written all over it. Watch out for that vehicle because this person knows their stuff like no other, a 'must' for anyone learning the game.
Me cynical ?
Maybe just a little........

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