Monday, 4 January 2016


Not sure about the clock on this site of mine. After I posted those last two chapters I noticed down the bottom of the page that I had apparently posted one of them at 23.00 and the other at 23.37 which in simple terms in Australia is almost midnight.
It's rather funny as I upset someone a while ago with some content on this site that was relayed back to me from a mate who had the conversation with the 'offended one'. Now the 'offended one' apparently came out with "Well Glenn obviously writes late at night, you can tell by the times on his Blog" !
Sorry I am not quite sure about the 'offended one's' point there at all. I may have upset this person however I don't honestly believe that it really matters what time I am writing but I would like to clear that up. ( Hopefully this won't offend the 'fragile offended one' ).
No I am fast asleep at 23.00pm , usually I have been by about two hours as I have a real job to get to nice and early. Unlike some I do not have the luxury of sleeping in during the working week hence my early nights.
So to the fragile offended person who I upset with a chapter on this site a little while ago, it's like this Champ, get a life. You don't have to read this site, no one is forcing you, I simply write about tennis and what I think of certain situations, matches, politics, people and whatever else goes with the silly sport. I am not writing much on this site at the moment as I am writing a book and that is taking up a lot of my time outside of work so hopefully I won't upset you in the near future.
As far as the times that I write on this site well I really don't believe it is worth worrying about in all seriousness as what I do in my spare time has nothing to do with you. So can I suggest two things ? Don't read my site if it offends you and if you do happen to read it for goodness sake don't have a look at the time that I write because you may just end up more bitter and twisted than you already are.
Time I got some sleep.........

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