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I gotta say I was never really a fan of Paul McNamee's when I was younger but his embracing of the ATPCA ( Australian Tennis Professional Coaches Association ) and the manner in which he picks apart the ethics of Tennis Australia has to be commended. I recently found two master pieces from Paul, the last chapter's content plus a very recent dig he had at the Hopman Cup's Management decision to include two Aussie teams this year. I believe he wrote to the ITF ( International Tennis Federation ) complaining about the whole farce. I tend to agree with Paul.
Is Tennis Australia taking it just a little too far in trying to gain a win at the Cup in Perth this year by putting a team in each division ? Where are the ethics in that ? Surely the whole idea has lack of morality written all over it. I know it's been more than 15 years since Australia held the trophy but fair dinkum this surely is not the way to bring it back into Aussie hands. Or is it ?
I find it rather distasteful that another country missed out in favour of the home nation having two teams compete this year but was it once again all to do with sentiment as TA seem to do regularly ? I have written many chapters on this country's stance of playing Davis Cup on grass even though that surface is not one that gives our players any advantage whatsoever.
I have also questioned the Davis Cup selection process that seems to ignore specialist doubles teams in favour of others who do not in fact even play a World class brand of the two on two format. Where are Sam Groth and Lleyton Hewitt ranked in doubles anyhow compared to the doubles exponents in this country ?
More sentiment ? You do the sums on that one. Peers and Guccioni are Australia's highest ranked doubles players at 7 and 59 respectively and their rankings make Groth's and Hewitt's look rather pedestrian. Don't forget Ball and Whittington, not household names those two but they play doubles for a living but obviously don't have a regular barbeque with the selection committee.
So to this year's Hopman Cup. The selection panel just couldn't go with one or the other ( Kyrgios or Hewitt ) because one without the other wouldn't quite work now would it ? Let's face it if Hewitt had played then questions would have been asked on why Nick didn't play and vice versa.
Seriously though why is Lleyton playing ? More sentiment ? Sure it's his last year on tour but his form does not suggest that he deserves a spot at the Hopman Cup. Kyrgios, despite his recent ups and downs does in fact deserve his spot on his current ranking.
So really it's rather obvious that once again Tennis Australia have come up with a decision based on sentiment in this country rather than one that actually makes any sense. The two Aussie team idea will go down as possibly the most ridiculous one since the idea to keep playing Davis Cup on a surface that Andre Agassi once said is 'for cows'.  ( If you never heard that one then your tennis knowledge is limited ).
My apologies about not writing more on this site recently however I have been busy putting together my book idea which I am having an absolute fat time doing. However thanks to the hierarchy in this country in the sport of tennis I am always going to be given new dialogue to write about. Thanks you guys, you keep me entertained.......
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