Monday, 18 January 2016


The Sam Stosur loss tonight was almost a shoe in as far as the result was concerned, Pliskova is a smart tennis player, Stosur is not. Putting that statement into perspective if a player can win on one leg and by slicing that many forehands it shows a mind that has a second type of game plan. On the other hand if a player cannot find a way to simply just keep the ball in play against someone who is struggling physically it proves a lack of thinking on their behalf.
Surely if the two handed backhand is the weaker shot then why not simply keep slicing the ball with one hand and in particular on the service return why not chip it back rather than hit it ? If a player is not moving well then why give up so many free points with play that resembles junior tournament play rather than a seasoned campaigner's ?
I find it hard to believe that Stosur's coaching camp did not give her a plan to just keep the ball in play when her opponent came into the match under an injury cloud.
If I saw an opponent turn up taped like that it wouldn't be too hard to do the sums, 'keep it in play, work the angles, make the opposition hit another ball, and another, no mistakes, keep 'em moving'.
I firmly believe that some players do not own a plan B or a mind that can help them in certain situations on court. Certain players simply keep doing what they do with no thought of thinking outside the square, a necessity to win at tennis.
If a player is on one leg and belts a big serve the equation is simple, chip it back, create a 50/ 50 play, keep the ball moving, create pressure, physical and mental.
Dumbest match I ever saw tonight, without a doubt.....

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