Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Great ‪#‎coaches‬ are great demonstrators. How much time are you putting into this area?
One of the most powerful training tools in teaching an athlete a new drill or skill, is to execute and demonstrate it well.
In fact, the best way a person learns a new skill or movement is visually and kinesthetically.
That's one of the reasons why I feel it's important that every coach should work on his or her ability to practice and better their ability to demonstrate the exercises and drills they teach.
Personally, I put aside and spend about an hour a week going through the main drills and exercises I use with my athletes. Especially when something is new.
At first, it might not look pretty, but the more I practice it, the better it gets, and the better my teaching skills become.
We all have seen a coach demonstrate an exercise or drill poorly, and it doesn't look good, or is it accepted well by the athlete/s. Right?
My ability to demonstrate better, not only gives me the respect of the athlete, but more importantly allows them to first see it in reality, mimic it and put it into practice.
Great coaches are great demonstrators. How much time are you putting into this area of your coaching?
Allistair McCaw

Surely this would apply to 'tennis coaches' who do not ever play tennis tournaments for fear of not being able to show their students that they can even hit a ball correctly ? Industry is full of 'em. Walt Disney ball hitters with no substance to what they do.....
If you talk it then walk it, simple ........

p.s  Starting to like Mr McCaw.......

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