Monday, 18 January 2016


It seems that this Australian Open is all about Lleyton Hewitt, apparent in the way that they keep running us through the 2005 Australian Open and his now infamous run ins with the Europeans. I am far from surprised that Chela landed a mouthful of spit in Hewitt's direction at the change of ends as the amount of 'C'MON'S were really at a point of plain silliness. Has there ever been a more 'in your face' type of tennis player than Lleyton ?
Sure I said that I was a 'belated' fan of Hewitt's a few chapters ago but that was in his tennis after life and definitely not while he was in his prime. That was when he didn't give a rat's toss bag about anyone else but himself, particularly when he played in Australia. It's all very well to be a loud mouthed hero at home but remember you also have to take your game on the road, that's when you have to tone it down so in all seriousness a happy medium needs to be found with on court antics.
The Aussie open of 2005 will go down as the Lleyton show because it was a showcase of in your face antics plus a war against Europeans, namely Nadal, Chela, Nalbandian which was not a smart thing to do going into a Davis Cup tie in Argentina ( Lleyton survived that one ).
Marat Safin did the Argentinians a huge favour by winning the final that year and he also showed that a big game can usually beat the small type of get the ball back routine that Lleyton did so well throughout the tournament. I likened that final to a 'pop gun' vs a 'cannon' such was the difference in ball striking. The Russian apart from his lame first set simply out hit Hewitt and I for one was a happy camper as I had not only a few dollars invested in the final but I have always been from the old school of tennis where on court antics were frowned upon. Perhaps that's why I talk so much off court, I never said much on it, that's a fact.
I will be glad when the Hewitt saga has ended, a travelling circus of sorts at the moment. I can almost see a win to Duckworth which would be a fitting end to Hewitt's career. The 'Duck' is a battler, just as Hewitt was when he first started, I like the idea of a guy like that taking out a seasoned campaigner, it adds a new chapter to the sport.......

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