Monday, 18 January 2016


Well done to all of the players involved in a local tennis tournament played just this last weekend. Someone sent me an email today which had yet another name for the tournament on it which I found rather amusing, as always. Personally I was not interested in playing this year as I have supported it for many years yet did not find motivation for this one, must be getting old. Anyhow to the name of this tournament, now it's really getting confusing.
It's been known as the Albany Open for maybe 30 years yet some locals who do not play the tournament for one reason or another like to call it something else. But here's the funny thing. I have seen this tournament called three things now by some who really aren't quite sure what is going on here in sleepy hollow, funny stuff indeed.
The Emu Point Summer Championships.
The Emu Point Doubles Championships.
The Albany Open.
So what is the final verdict ?
Well strangely enough when I lost in the final one year certain individuals on social media did in fact call it the Albany Open yet when I won it well it was called the Emu Point Summer Championships. Confusing aint it ? Join the club.
So far this year I have not spotted a tennis calendar that should in fact have all local tennis tournaments listed on it but I can imagine what will be written on it regarding this rather confusing event on the local scene.
Not sure who is running the tennis association locally or promoting it but one thing is for certain, confusion is paramount in regards to what local competitions should in fact be named.
Keep it simple, it's an open competition, it's Albany, call it The Albany Open.....
Now there's an idea GT........

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