Monday, 15 February 2016


Here's a story for you. This was sent to me just recently.
Two tennis coaches in a small town, two kids going to both coaches, everything going ok. One coach gets greedy, offers the two kids a 'scholarship' that no one has ever even heard of. The parents and kids get all starry-eyed and fall for the 'scholarship' deal, they then take up the offer.
The 'scholarship' apparently is then written about in a local newspaper stating among other things that the 'scholarships' were 'sought after' by many. Interesting story so far, it gets better.
Years go by and the students apparently caught up with the other coach from that little town somewhere down the track and they had a bit of a chat. Among other things it was stated that the 'scholarships' were not worth the paper they were even printed on. By all reports all that was offered were discounted lessons and cheaper restrings. Apparently this was a 'scholarship'.
I wonder if that idiot who offered the 'scholarships' also did what many do now days and that is offer school lessons on school grounds just down the road from the local club tennis club. It's interesting hearing stories like the above mentioned as it seems quite common. I received another email in regards to my chapter titled 'Clearing it up '.
One coach stated that they experienced the same struggles in their local community however they were powerless to stop it as going to the local schools and offering their expertise on court was not on their agenda. It stripped their program also of many kids.
Grubby stuff happens throughout the tennis coaching industry as it is full of 'wannabees' who have to resort to these types of things to get a few kids on court. Not sure where it will all end, if ever, but I do appreciate the emails I have already received from 'real' coaches of the sport of tennis who have not resorted to those type of tactics just to make a dollar.
Funny sport tennis, I look forward to receiving some more stories soon, thanks again for offering yours. Keep your chins up, hopefully one day common sense may just play a part in the future of teaching the sport of tennis.......
Regards Glenn

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