Thursday, 18 February 2016


One of the most promising athletes Australia has seen in the last decade is still coached by the same woman who trained him in high school.
Josh Clarke has qualified for the 100-metre sprint in this year’s Rio Olympics, making him the first Australian man to run the sprint in 12 years.
His rapid rise is thanks to Nancy Atterton, 81, who has been coaching the 20-year-old since he was in year seven at a Sydney private school where she was head of coaching.
Nancy is no stranger to athletics. She won gold at the Commonwealth Games in Vancouver with Marjorie Jackson (Nelson) in 1954. She has coached schoolboy athletes for decades. At one stage she mentored 400-metre champion Darren Clark – who was fourth at the Los Angeles Olympics. She is a direct and constant link between Australia's greatest era of athletics and the athletes taking us into the next generation.
Great article this one and a great story.
TENNIS AUSTRALIA take note ; Just because you have the money it does not mean you have the right to take promising players from their original coaches and place them into YOUR PROGRAMS that have so far failed to yield any results of any significance.
The above story is inspiring. Stay with your coach if you are getting results, the tennis hierarchy will still come running after you if you can show you have what it takes. Ignore the glossy programs of this country which fail to deliver anything except a monopoly on the good players.
So far the public is still waiting to see some results from placing promising players with new coaches who fail to understand the players' requirements and capabilities.
Original coaches get results in most sports, try telling TENNIS AUSTRALIA that.......

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