Wednesday, 24 February 2016


My sincerest apologies about not following up that latest chapter about the 'pipe dream' of building a tennis centre in this town due to some 'identities' believing it should be built just because we haven't already got one.
As of yet I have not seen an argument of substance that gives the idea merit and I am sure the local town council agrees with me. Why do we need one ? If you haven't already read my last couple of chapters it may just put some light on the subject.
Now when I find some time I promise you that I will get back into the nuts and bolts of tennis and I will not dedicate any of my next few chapters to ideas that belong in the fictional section of the local library.
Some call me cynical, perhaps I am however I know this sport and this town well and I know that some just suffer from something that is quite often known as 'self importance'. These people are of no real value to certain sports particularly here in Albany.
Find an argument that has a back up, a meaning, an argument other than simply 'we need one', because really that won't cut the mustard.
Funny sport tennis, full of funny people........

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