Monday, 8 February 2016


I have seen some strange things in my time both on and off a tennis court however I believe that this may just be the strangest. There is a budding tennis professional who is doing his best to qualify for some tour events who stands at 6 foot 2", is 86 kg's and is 24 years of age from the US.
He has won just shy of $200,000 in his career, he is ranked 248 in the World. Now here is his name.
TENNYS. Yep his name is TENNYS. His last name is Sandgren. Forget his last name, you tell me how to say his first name and then tell me if you get any pronunciation other than TENNIS. What were his parents' thinking other than him becoming a tennis professional from the day he was born ? !
There are some great tennis professional names both past and present but be honest, have you ever seen a better name than this ?
I wish the young man all the best with his 'tennys'. Can you imagine if he makes the big time ? The sponsorship dollars would flow freely to a man who's name is the same as his chosen profession.
All the best Tennys, go get 'em...........

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