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My apologies once again, I have been rather busy and my rather lengthy look at the debacle of the local Country and Suburban Tennis Club has stalled momentarily, I will be back. The last post was in regards to a fitness guru by the name of Allistair McCaw who I have little time for yet every now and then he publishes some brilliant things.
You will notice that I spoke highly of my old tennis coach Peter Holmes in the C and S debacle chapters and it was more than a coincidence that I posted the chapter on Mr McCaw's views at the same time. I believe in relevance. Back when substance was the key factor in teaching sport it was a necessity for a coach or mentor to not only teach it but play it to set the example for their students. Now days a facebook page is all that you need, playing a sport is no longer a pre requisite.
The thing I find so amusing about all of this is the fact that the public see certain 'gurus' strike a ball on their web sites and they are immediately in awe of them. What they fail to realise is that most of these 'gurus' don't have the balls to front up at a local competition and show the public that they do in fact know how to practice what they preach. I am not talking about playing a State Championship, I am talking about supporting regional competitions.
I have played my local championships all but one year out of the last 15. I even ask juniors to play doubles with me to help them through the process of learning. I do not expect to win every time I play however I expect to be competitive and I expect people to respect the fact that I am making the effort to support local events. That is what the last chapter was all about in regards to Allistair McCaw's statement.
The previous two years I played the local Open Championship with a cortisone to see me through a week prior to the event due to ligament damage. Did I post that on social media to gain sympathy or perhaps put forward an excuse if I did not win it ? No I did not yet many look for those opportunities to gain a vote or two. I learned from a guy who still fronted up into his 40's to play the youth of the game to set an example, to show he wasn't afraid to lose. Some learn the game from 'Princesses' who require toughening up. What chance do they have if the person they are 'learning' from never makes an effort themselves ? Weak as piss.
The country is full of people who have hung up their rackets due to their inability to in fact even play the game at a level required to set an example, not because their legs don't move anymore. There are tennis coaches in their 50's and 60's still playing competitions to further their knowledge on a game that they will never stop learning from yet some in their 30's and 40's would rather talk about 'glory days' than turn up at competition time.
Some don't like my brutally honest views and some in the past believe I target certain sections of the tennis fraternity with my criticism but that's from people who know nothing about the sport. I know 60 year old surfers who still get in the water and show the youth how it's done rather than sit on the beach and yell instructions then later talk of how good they once were. Surfers could show some tennis players a thing or two about effort and setting an example.
Tennis is a sport that even if you start slowing down physically you still should be able to counter act that issue with a smart mind particularly if you teach the sport. If you can't front up to a local doubles tournament and play on half a court with your 'wisdom' as a seasoned tennis coach I do believe you are in the wrong Industry.
Tennis is a sport which requires balls, in more ways than one. Do a self assessment next time your local sport holds a tournament. Talk it all you like but please show the public you can also walk it.
Surfers don't paddle out and back in without catching a wave no matter how old they are, they would be laughed out of the water. Man up, walk it.......

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