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Allistair McCaw is an interesting character and I have questioned some of his posts in the past however his latest one makes a whole lot of sense. I have mentioned many times on this site of mine that the Industry we call Tennis has in fact turned into a circus of epic proportions with many clowns in charge.
Gimmicks have taken over from common sense plus fancy clothes and bright rackets seem to be a pre requisite for a tennis 'coach' now days, forget their ability to teach, that's irrelevant. One thing Mr McCaw however is wrong about is the price factor as he states in his last paragraph. He believes that if you 'go cheap' it will cost you in the long run.
Not sure how he has worked that one out as my mechanic works privately with no fancy signs and he is one of the most respected men in his industry locally, that's a fact. He charges around $30 less an hour than bigger organisations and probably does a better job than most. Why ? Experience.
Now I will not go into the finer points of tennis coaching prices because I have done so on many occasions but I will say one thing. Just because you are paying $60, $70 or $80 an hour for a tennis coaching lesson it does not necessarily mean that you are receiving your money's worth because 'that's the going rate'.
Remember it doesn't matter how experienced or inexperienced a tennis coach or coaching assistant is, he or she will still charge the above hourly rate. Why ? Because it's what is now expected by the public so they simply accept it which I believe is a load of horse sh.. .
Look for some experience, not just something glossy. Mr McCaw has some valid points despite his closing in the following post . I will paste some of it. If you would like to read the full transcript well it's on his Facebook site.......

These are some paragraphs from his post.
Here's the problem today in our industry:
Did you know? That the amount of circus tricks and antics that are going on in the athletic & fitness industry these days actually has companies such as cirque du soleil and the Ringling Bros looking into our industry for new ideas!!
Just last week I saw a coach having a nine-year-old standing on a medicine ball balancing! Bigger risk than reward? - I think so. Only unfortunately when that kid falls off and breaks an ankle, then the penny might drop.
People we have lost all sense. Today it seems that a good coach or trainer is determined by how many likes their videos get or how many 'followers' they have. It seems that the 'fancy & entertaining' has become more important than what really matters - the fundamentals and basics.
Why am I writing this? Because I believe it is high time I stood up and protected the strength & athletic development industry. Firstly, I find it ridiculous that someone can attend a 3 day workshop or certification for example and be 'qualified'.
I mean, would you trust a dentist or doctor who took a weekend certification or even a 3 month course to work on your body? - probably not!
Let me put it this way, can you imagine a dentist or doctor performing surgery and then posting it on YouTube for everyone else to try out?
The ones who will usually fight me on this point tend to be the ones that fall into this category of minimum experience or qualifications.

Another one is coaches who collect drills & exercises from the internet and feed them to their athletes or clients without any proper understanding of the Whys and Hows or any knowledge of how to properly teach them.
Firstly, It's important to know the source of this information you're being freely given. These days anyone can call themselves a coach and post exercises and drills.

If you want clowns, then go to the circus. if you want specialists, then seek them out in the right areas. Go cheap and you eventually end up paying double. Don't be fooled or impressed by all the fancy equipment, exercises or drills. Anyone can do or get those things!
Allistair McCaw

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