Monday, 1 August 2016


The snippet from my book that I posted just recently about individuality in tennis has just been backed up in a piece from a book I am currently reading.
Gene Scott is a former Davis Cup player for the US and this is what he had to say about the great Bjorn Borg.

'There is a standard litany offered by instructors when Borg's name is brought up. 'No one else can play the way he does', or 'I'd never try to teach Bjorn Borg's strokes'. Because the Swede's strokes are unorthodox and he was, to a large extent, self taught, tennis teachers cringe at the prospect of their students imitating Borg's style.
That is a commentary about the reactionary mentality of teaching pros more than anything else. The fact that Borg has won four French Opens ( considered by experts as the World's clay court championships and the game's most gruelling test ) and four Wimbledons in a row should mean that he must be doing something right and that there is something for the rest of the tennis world to learn from him'.
Gene Scott
Written in 1979-1980 during the dominance of World Tennis by Borg.

As I wrote earlier, there is no set way to hit a tennis ball, rather it is more a necessity for a player to be comfortable with their game providing it is effective enough to be competitive. That is where the tactical side of tennis must be explored in detail, perhaps even more so than the way a player hits a ball.
I believe that makes sense. My book has plenty of this sort of dialogue in it. I love delving into the nuts and bolts of it all now days as the desire to play has subsided with my old age.
I knew there was more to this game than trying to still compete with the youth of today.......

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