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The following post is from a while back and it outlines the reasons for me changing the name of this site from 'Tennis Technique' to  what it's called now 'View Point'. It all came about because of a rather lengthy email I received from someone who regularly complained about the content of this site so I accommodated their wishes.
One of the complaints I received was about the 'Serena Williams farce' at the Hopman Cup and it outlined the 'fact' that she threw her runners up trophy in the bin which was witnessed by more than one person. The incident has also been confirmed on a Western Australian Tennis Facebook page by someone who saw it happen who was in fact an official at the tournament.
I thought the following post was worth another look, hope you enjoy.....

Thanks 'Champ' for your rather lengthy email, brilliant piece of work. The reason why I won't be publishing it on my site is because I won't give you that satisfaction. Only one person has complained about the content of this site and that's you, not sure why. You seem to be as disillusioned with the sport as I am, yet you take your frustrations out on me, not the game.
Your latest 'rant' touches on topics such as my 'past wins', 'lessons in history of the game' and questions whether I actually teach tennis. So just for you Champ let's clear it all up.
I originally put this site together as I felt rather than try to beat them let's join them instead, referring to Social Media pages which people seem to be attracted to like mosquitoes to a light. I felt that the public needed to see who I was on a site before they spent money on a tennis lesson. Fair enough ?
I felt that with 27 years teaching the game both here in Albany plus Perth and Queensland as well as a stint playing in Europe my experience would be enough to attract some business.
So anyhow the occasional ads in the paper worked minimally and a few students came to me by seeing the ads but I have still found that word of mouth is the best way. The other way of receiving clients has actually been through me playing the game, hence my occasional win here and there both locally and in Perth. As you get older in this game you have less success on court so if I do have a win, sure, I may write a brief light hearted chapter on 'old blokes' still showing the young fellows a clean set of heels. Words to that effect.
I find that playing tennis tournaments shows your students that you can 'walk the walk' instead of 'talking a good game' as many 'gurus' of the sport do now days. No examples are given by many and I believe it shows a distinct lack of heart.
After all if you can still play the game, are fit and have any ability whatsoever you will jump at the opportunity to show your clients that you can in fact teach what you preach. It's one of the reasons I still play as I am no longer prepared to pay for big glossy ads in the local paper, I will instead look for some 'free publicity' every now and then by playing a tournament. If you can still walk, well.......
Now as far as the 'history lessons', well Champ my knowledge of the game is pretty good, I can remember scores from 30 years ago, matches that shaped the sport of today and I remember incidents in matches as though it was yesterday. So quite simply I put it on this site.
If you aren't interested then may I suggest you go and buy a Tennis Magazine and simply read about the sport today and you will no doubt read some wonderful things.
It will be all about how good the sport is going in this country in particular without the controversy of years gone by when 'free speech' ruled the air ways.
You see Champ the Australian Tennis Magazine was in fact bought by a rather large organization who now regulates everything written about the sport in this country. It was bought for that reason from a 'tennis nobody' who used to write controversial content but got paid out to no longer print stuff that may have had a bit of an 'edge' to it. Long story, worth looking up.
As far as me teaching the game of tennis, well it's like this Champ, I do it for a hobby, a bit of fun, I don't rely on it for a living, not interested. I simply do it because people ring me for tennis lessons who like my down to earth way of teaching the game. I am not really interested in taking students away for tournaments as I simply don't have time and quite frankly I aint a 'baby sitter'.
My parents took me away for tournaments when I was a kid so I am not about to become a taxi service for others who are too busy to watch their kids play competitions.
As far as the 'Serena trophy in the bin' incident, well it's like this buddy, it happened. I know someone who witnessed it behind the scenes at the Hopman Cup and they relayed it to me, apparently it's a fact. You see that's what I do on this site, relay some facts and opinions, it's my opinion but I will relay facts as I receive them. It's not a 'Walt Disney' look at tennis, it's a fair dinkum dissection of the game.
I will continue to write on this site however as of this weekend I will be changing the name of this site, just for you Champ as you have given me a great idea, thanks very much.
All the best and I hope you continue to tune in.
Regards GT
Footnote- I know who sent me the complaint, and although I refer to them as 'Buddy' it was in fact a female who wrote it. Funny stuff indeed......

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