Monday, 12 September 2016


The following is from the 'fruitloop' who basically doesn't like me. This 'person' believes they are around 20 years younger than they actually are and also called Serena 'Samantha' and Lleyton 'Clayton'.
It's what I have to deal with and unfortunately this 'person' holds a seat of 'responsibility' locally, God help us. Read on, it's a masterpiece......

'Hello Mr G Thompson. I have recently moved to Albany to further advance my career. As a single lady in her late 20's, I naturally want to get to know people, so becoming involved in a sport seems the ideal way to do this. Although I have never played tennis, watching it recently on television has encouraged me to consider this game as one of my options. While doing some research about tennis in Albany I cam across your website/blog. As it is titled Tennis Technique I assumed it would have coaching tips and advice on how to become a tennis player. Being a complete beginner, I have no real clue about tennis, however as cost is not an issue for me, I am prepared to pay for an extensive amount of coaching lessons and wish to be taught the game correctly. When reading through chapters in your blog, I was quite stunned and more than a little confused as to the contents and why you have even titled your blog "Tennis Technique"? In the interest of free speech and, given my professional position within the Health Services sector (to which I have a university degree), I feel I am in a sound position to comment on your blog chapters. It is (in your own words) an opinion piece and therefore, in the public interest, open to comment and reply. Your blog chapters do not hold any value to anyone interested in learning tennis. You seem to be using this blog as nothing more than somewhere to complain about things you do not agree with. You appear to be very preoccupied with talking about prizes and matches you have won many years ago which holds no interest to someone such as I, who merely wishes to employ the services of a competent coach. I do not wish to receive a history lesson of tennis games that took place decades ago. Chapters you have written stating Samantha Williams had thrown a prize into a rubbish bin is quite simply ludicrous and I can't image how you would think anyone actually believes you could possibly know that this took place? I do not recall seeing or hearing anything in the press regarding such an incident, so it is rather hard to believe you would have any knowledge of such a bizarre event ever taking place. I'm sure Miss Williams would be quite unimpressed to know such whimsical things were being said of her. So if you would explain why you continue to comment on famous players as if you know them personally and are qualified to make inexplicable criticisms of them, I would be very appreciative. I find it quite disappointing that you would berate such wonderful athlete's of your chosen sport (such as Australian icon Clayton Hewitt), so i can only imagine what a young impressionable child would think if they were unfortunate enough to stumble across your blog. Though you profess to love tennis and claim to be promoting it in a positive way, I take issue with your claims and thus, feel compelled to voice my opposition. There is nothing in any of your blog chapters that has convinced me that you are genuinely interested in actually teaching people how to play tennis. To the contrary, your comments are in fact very negative and indicate that tennis in Albany must be in a very sorry state, and , subject to looking further afield, is something I am not sure I wish to become involved in. If I am misinterpreting what you are saying in your blog Mr Thompson then please feel free to correct me, although it seems nobody actually leaves comments on your blog or perhaps you disable comments you feel contradict your views?'

Comment from GT.
I know who wrote this because they wrote another complaint to someone else locally about this site and I had to sit through a meeting because of it. I lost around 30 minutes of my life at that particular meeting that I will never be reimbursed for, total waste of time.
As I explained at that meeting, no one has to read this site yet some do just to find fault with my opinions. I simply write to express, it's who I am, it's a release just as others drink, play golf or otherwise. I live in a town where tennis has taken a huge step backwards since my old coach Holmsey left because it now lacks a vision.
It has about two senior events per year, doesn't own a pennant competition for any age and nothing changes from year to year, particularly the standard, that's another story.
I do not own a membership to any club and I refuse to play locally, it has a lot to do with who is running the sport, Mickey Mouse......
Good day.

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