Friday, 30 September 2016


Would it be perhaps that in reference to my last post on this site one of the major reasons that the adult/ junior tennis relationship almost ceases to exist locally is because of where the youth of the sport are coached now days ?
As mentioned on many an occasion by my good self on this site the ONLY place to teach kids tennis should in fact be at a tennis club. Why ? Because it creates an environment for the youth of the game to soak up and look forward to one day playing against the adults in both tournament and club play. Yet that's not what happens now days.
The greed of the new breed of tennis coach is so rife that they have to resort to bypassing the local tennis club and instead conduct lessons on school grounds before and after school which does no favours for a sporting club. Why ? Because most are obsessed with making money and not at all interested in the future growth of clubs despite what they tell committees in their spiel at meeting time.
I mentioned in my last post that tennis in Albany has gone down hill since Holmsey left, that's a fact. Pete held all his coaching at tennis clubs locally and it's why certain clubs held record membership numbers that will never, ever be revisited. Is it more than a coincidence that within two years of Pete leaving town a tennis club that he was involved in went complete belly up and folded ? You do the sums.
All tennis lessons need to be held at a tennis club, it creates interest in the facility and it shows respect from a coach towards the game because that's where tennis players are born out of, tennis clubs.
I reiterate from my last post that tennis in my home town has died a slow death due to greed, lack of vision and complete incompetence by certain individuals as they have been involved with dealings from Walt Disney characters who know nothing about how to keep a sport in vogue.
You may have the occasional win, you may have an occasional champion but you will never, ever have again a sport that once had enough numbers playing that it rivalled the sports of today, nowhere near it. Tennis is a sport that requires intelligence to play and even more intelligence to keep the numbers and memberships flowing, not to mention the standard rising.
Every time tennis is taught at a school, well, the local tennis club misses out, yet it's accepted by both Tennis Australia and local tennis associations as 'the way to go'.
It's no wonder we still play Davis Cup ties on grass courts here in the land of Oz.
No intelligence, no vision, no idea...........

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