Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Even though I would not call it a conventional 'book', the previous 76 published posts on this site are the culmination of 35 years of tennis and around three years of writing. My head has been a tin of worms for as long as I can remember, still is, but I have finally put together a personal story that has somewhat relieved the tension.
I will continue to write on this site, I will continue to piss people off who do not agree with me however it is simply a point of view, a view point, hence the name of this site. Tennis is like that and for those who have been out of their back yards to experience Paris in the Spring and a tournament or two against European clay court gurus you will perhaps understand both my book and me a little better than most.
I am proud of my 'book', not everyone has written one and perhaps one day when I can afford to I will put it all on paper and send it to all my tennis buddies who I grew up playing the game with. One day........

P.s  Call me superstitious if you like but my book has 76 published posts and was finished on October 18. My hero Borg won his first Grand Slam in Paris as an 18 year old and won his first Wimbledon in '76.
Told you my head was like a tin of worms...... 

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