Monday, 21 November 2016


Man of principals. No longer will I pay money to be part of an Industry that rewards mediocrity.....
My next Post will be titled 'Identity Crisis' and I will dedicate to all those tennis 'coaches' in this Country who really have no idea which association or organisation they should belong to so they join both just to cover all bases.
You either follow one direction in tennis or you follow another, by following both it actually proves that you do not possess an identity of your own in a sport that requires an individual touch.
I have seen some comedy routines over the years but this one is by far the most entertaining. To all those tennis 'coaches' out there who belong to both the ATPCA and TA  good luck with teaching the sport of tennis in the future in the land of Oz.
The ATPCA are by no means influenced by TA and in fact are in opposition to Tennis Australia so to be a member of both is in fact hypocrisy at it's very best. You either follow one or the other. Good luck to those future students of the game who own a 'coach' who owns both 'qualifications'. It may look great and sound even better however it proves he or she really lacks an individual spin on the game in general.
Tennis requires an individual touch, more 'coaches' should work on that side of their tuition and less on the social media pages that make them look a whole lot better than they actually are......

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