Thursday, 17 November 2016


In the sport of tennis there are certain organisations who swear by their programs yet do not have the success rate to back up their 'big talk'. It's commonly known as 'hype with no substance' and fails to hit the mark. Unfortunately the paying public simply accept the fact that tennis may just be all too hard to learn because of the failure by the organisation to teach the game with that word again, substance.
Many programs look and sound great yet forget to even start a lesson with the correct grip ( that takes time and there are gimmicks and games far more important to learn first apparently ).
So to coaching the sport of tennis in this country, who is right and who is wrong ? Well according to Tennis Australia their way is the ONLY WAY and any other organisation who dares to teach the sport Down Under is wasting their time because apparently no other coaching provider will be recognised as far as an accreditation is concerned. Let me explain this in more detail;
In Australia we have both the ATPCA ( Australian Tennis Professional Coaches Association ) and Tennis Australia who hand out accreditations to budding tennis coaches. Personally I am a member of the ATPCA which has been in existence for over 47 years and accredited over 5,000 tennis coaches both in Australia and overseas. Not bad for an organisation who apparently are not recognised by Tennis Australia as even having a heartbeat.
I received a letter some time ago from Tennis Australia because once I was a paid up member of TA as my local tennis club paid my membership just in time for our courts to be resurfaced with the blue Australian Open surface so it was a good look if I was part of their organisation. Personally I wasn't really interested as I have always done my own thing when it comes to teaching tennis, I rely on my own initiative and not a list of 'latest methods' to dazzle my students with. So back to the letter, it's a ripper, possibly the most farcical letter I have ever read as far as an organisation trying to convince not only themselves but anyone prepared to listen that Tennis Australia is head and shoulders above the rest.
Among other things the letter states that 'No other provider of coach education in Australia meets the standards of, or is endorsed by, the Australian Sports Commission or the International Tennis Federation. Consequently Tennis Australia cannot recognise the coaching qualifications of graduates of courses provided by non-endorsed tennis coaching providers.
These non-endorsed courses create a number of challenges for the coaching industry'.
Yes that's just part of the letter, much more to come as I dissect this whole rather comical issue.
So just to create some more confusion, what about this; There are programs being run in Australia by Tennis Australia qualified Coaches who also have ATPCA qualified tennis coaches working for them. Not sure about you but I find that rather confusing. You either follow the Tennis Australia direction or you follow the ATPCA as an alternative.
Identity crisis ? Most definitely. Part 3 to follow......

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