Thursday, 17 November 2016


The main thing with all this rather silly situation is rather obvious; Tennis Australia state that their way is the ONLY WAY, the print out I have in front of me confirms that statement. So I ask you this, why are some Tennis Australia 'converted' programs and organisations working with ATPCA 'qualified' tennis coaches ? Or is that 'UNQUALIFIED' Tennis Coaches ?
Surely Tennis Australia has told their 'thousands' of coaches to stay clear of any other 'qualified' tennis coach not belonging to Tennis Australia. Or didn't they ?
Is the entire Tennis Coaching Industry in Australia so completely f..... up that no one really knows just what to do or who to align themselves with ? Why do Tennis Australia make out that no other coaching organisation should see the light of day in Australia yet willingly employ ATPCA coaches to teach their students the finer points of tennis ?
Surely ATPCA tennis coaches lack any credibility whatsoever ? TA stand by that statement and send print outs to tennis clubs all over Australia to pin up on their notice boards for all to see as I have seen at my old tennis club. It is not the first time I have seen it either as I once read another rather farcical statement from TA that another Coaching provider was in the system and to beware of their 'offerings'. This was around three years ago.
Well it's like this, in the last few years in Australia we have seen minimal success, many bad moods from Tomic and Kyrgios, a suspension, a less than 40 minute tennis match from an Aussie, the premature retirement of Australia's most promising tennis talent Ashley Bartey, a failure by Sam Stosur to perform at home once again, the overlooking of John Peers to be awarded the John Newcombe Medal for best performed Australian Tennis Professional despite his ridiculously superior results and superior ranking than any other Australian tennis pro and the farcical decision to play Lleyton Hewitt in the Davis Cup despite his 'retirement' and the availability of other players. 
Who is running Tennis in Australia ? Walt Disney ? 
It seems that the sport of tennis in Australia is in a state of confusion currently. Wayne Bryan, Father of the Bryan Brothers summed things up in his Country recently when he suggested the sport be turned over to the private sector as the system in the US is beyond repair.
Perhaps here in Australia we should do the same as not even qualified coaches know who they should be paying their fees to and some even belong to both associations just to cover all bases. Any advantage in this ? Absolutely. One will willingly give you an accreditation just for the sake of a few bucks in their bank account whereas the other will actually ask for a little loyalty.
So to put that into perspective, you may have a 'Mickey Mouse' Level 1 with a certain organisation whereas another will allow you to be 'elevated' to another level simply by you showing some interest in them, no course is necessary, trust me, I have seen proof. Just send through a few bucks.
Silly sport tennis, run by silly egotistical people with half baked ideas with no sense of what is morally correct or for the good of the game.
Going to put in an application to Tennis Australia tomorrow to add to my ATPCA Advanced Pro Level 2 accreditation, just for good measure to add to my list of personal 'achievements' to dazzle any future students.
Someone once told me that a guy with a loud car most definitely owned a small dick, sounds similar to the guys who need to fill up their tennis 'achievement' file with things that look glossy yet fail to own any intelligence about it whatsoever.......

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