Friday, 18 November 2016


One week, that's how long I am going to give a certain Tennis Coaching Organisation to get back to me regarding a certain matter which I have trouble getting my head around currently.
I have asked for confirmation on a few things and if I receive a Mickey Mouse answer then it's like this, I am going to ask for the remaining six months of my membership to be refunded and I will never again belong to a coaching provider again, after all it is only a piece of paper.
I will pay for insurance independently.
I have seen some Walt Disney things in my time on a tennis court over the past 35 years however this one takes the cake, it takes the icing and it takes the candles on top as well.
One week.
The answers I am looking for will need to have a bit of substance to them unlike the Tennis Coaching Industry in general which reminds me of the Cirque du Soleil though the tennis coaching industry seems to have more clowns running it in this Country than that particular entertainment Company.
One week.
Just wondering the implications if I detach myself from any Tennis coaching provider in this country and what it may mean ? Oh that's right there may be a line I have to blank out on my 'personal achievement' page and will simply have to just live with my 35 years of knowledge that no one in this Region of Western Australia gets close to.
One week.
At least I have been out of my back yard to play the sport and at least I don't write things on this site that are false when it comes to highlighting 'achievements'. Anything I have done in tennis is in fact legitimate. In fact when I first did my level 2 course in Perth in 1993 when I was around 24 years of age ( I did my Level 1 when I was 18 ) the Instructor comes up to me at the end of the session and says to me 'Glenn I am only going to give you a pass mark of 85 per cent, you know why ' ? Enlighten me. 'Cos you didn't give the group a sufficient warm up, that's all'. Fair enough.
That was 23 years ago.
Since then I have learned a whole lot more though I still look back on that exam I did and it disappoints me that I did not receive that 100 per cent pass mark. I could have put that on my 'personal achievement' page.
Tennis coaching comes from the heart, it doesn't require glossy pages and lists of things that are supposed to make you look a lot better than you actually are. Take a look at the page that I wrote at the start of this site where I confess to being a 'Tennis Nobody'. I didn't write that for a laugh, it's where I sit on the scale of 'Tennis Somebody's', I don't rate on the scale yet the 'Zen Masters' of the game who have done a sparrow's fart of what I have done and seen rave about their personal achievements.
One week.
If I don't receive the reply I am looking for then as far as I am concerned the Tennis Coaching Industry is not worth being part of. Will I continue to teach the game ? Absolutely, under no banner and with no obligation to spread the word that my coaching provider is looking out for me and doing the right thing by me and vice versa.
Going to go and buy a Walt Disney DVD today, I may be able to recognise a few of the characters.......

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