Friday, 20 January 2017


For those of you who know me and for those of you who have read my book you will see that I am rather passionate about testing myself, it's what tennis is all about.
If you turn up somewhere that owns a depleted field or play in a division that you know you will win easily then basically you are chasing a trophy.
I once mentioned a 'hero' who I played in doubles ten years ago who, after we had belted 6-0 in around 20 minutes in the local championship came out with 'We haven't been beaten in two years'.
Funny that, you hadn't played anyone in two years you peanut....
So to this year's Albany Open, my most favourite local championship and one that I have had seven years of success in over around 20 or so years of playing it, my apologies however I will not be competing for the second year straight. Why ?
Two years ago Pete and I won by 22 games on a different format in a reasonably strong field, one the local paper mentioned as a 'star studded field'. Ok it's only a local tournament but we had some good teams playing. Last year the entries had dropped, I didn't play, this year same story, no new juniors playing and the 'old' guys are going fishing now days in January, fact of life.
Tennis in my town aint what it used to be where if you won a local event you had won against some seasoned campaigners and you earned your 'bragging rights'.
You have to put tennis into perspective and either play accordingly or do what the rest are now doing and go chasing fish.
When the region's 'Zen Masters' who swear by their tuition start sending their kids to local tennis tournaments rather than chasing events all around the Country or when the guys of yester year (who would still run rings around the new breed who don't know how to play a sliced approach) start playing competitively again I will be happy to start playing local tennis tournaments again.
Until then, well, I am simply going to join the older brigade and go fishing with my boys.....
All the best, Regards Glenn

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