Thursday, 26 January 2017


As I often do on this site, thank you sincerely for reading my posts, I find it flattering. Not sure how people find this site however it keeps me writing. I had someone tune in from Brazil just recently to read a post I wrote some time ago which I called 'Mr Topspin', the Kent Carlson story, albeit in an abbreviated version.
I could write a book on the great man from Sweden and his tennis exploits however I prefer to simply write about the 'best of', if that makes sense.
People don't tune in to this site to read a book though the one I put together in October last year went against the grain for my style of writing and once again for those of you who took the time to read it, thank you.
Please feel free to send me a comment if you wish, whether you agree with my versions on tennis or otherwise and if I offer an opinion you feel is far from complimentary to those concerned then please don't hold back on your criticism. Remember what I do is just a point of view on tennis, there are thousands more out there with their own ideas and personal opinions also that probably make way more sense than mine.
I simply do what I do because my mind keeps ticking over with the sport of tennis so when I get an idea happening I simply express it on this site. If you know me, well you will understand that it's just what I do, can't help it, not interested in changing it.
Some offer opinions on Facebook pages, personally I have distanced myself from FB lately as I have seen some things that I would rather not be a part of. I have seen some 'friendships' dissolved through FB posts so I tend to keep my distance now though I did in fact start a Glenn Thompson Tennis page on FB which was all about a tactical view on the sport, I may get back to posting on it someday.
For some reason I am still World Number 1 on Google for a post I wrote on Andre Agassi titled 'A haircut and a forehand' which will quite possibly go down in history as one of the funniest ever remarks made by one player about another. Thanks Ivan for providing me with that dialogue.
I don't tip much anymore because I don't get too many correct however I feel compelled to offer my pick for the Mens Champion at the 2017 Australian Open though I hope I am not correct as I would love to see Roger win another major.
I do however respect Rafa's climb back into the sport as I have Roger's also as I find them both ornaments to the sport of tennis though I am still a little bemused at Rafa's rather quirky habits even in the twilight of his career. Funny sport though and each to their own. Individuality is something that can definitely reap results.
Rafa in 4 sets over Dimitrov and in 4 sets also over Roger in the final. There you go I have tipped.
Thanks again for tuning in....
Regards GT

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