Friday, 3 February 2017


    In the English Dictionary the meaning 'Spin Doctor' is described as the following.....              
     someone whose job is to make ideas, events, etc. seem better than they really are, especially in politics.
Now I apologise for using the above terminology for something that seems to be aligned to politics however in the Industry we call tennis, well the 'Spin Doctor' is alive and well. I have seen some rather amusing things over the years in tennis that I can only describe as entertaining, many 'Circus' like antics that should be confined to either the fiction section of the library or to social media pages. It should not get a run in this great sport of ours called tennis.
I have mentioned on more than one occasion on this site that certain 'tennis coaches' inflate results regarding their students which I find to be a blight on the sport in general though most of the public are none the wiser. 'Wow he must be good, did you read that result' ??
Always separate Main Draw results from 'Plate' events you guys and sorry to be painfully obvious but Consolation Events simply don't cut it in tennis, save the media space for the real deal....
I have read some classics in my time;
One 'guru' stated that they can offer tennis as a career, yes, a career. I found that nothing short of hilarious considering the fact that no students had ever come out of that program as a pro so it's not as though there is an argument to support the statement.
I once saw a photo of another 'guru' on a luxury boat but the boat had nothing to do with anything about tennis yet the person stated that they were signing some papers that perhaps had something to do with tennis, ( It wasn't stated as to what the papers were actually for ).
It wasn't as though they were buying the boat but hey why not include the boat ? It sounds great, looks great.
( As I have already stated; Spin Doctor- someone whose job is to make idea, events, etc. seem better than they really are )
By the way when I say the word 'guru' I am referring to a Tennis Coach of course however I use the terminology 'guru' because 'Tennis Coach' does not do these people justice. They are way more intelligent than a tennis coach, just ask 'em, they will tell you.
By the way the word 'Guru' of course refers to an 'expert'. Say no more.
I have read countless articles that make things in this sport seem almost too good to be true, probably because most of them are. So why does it happen ?
Lack of success, lack of ability to teach the game, small anatomy syndrome, short person syndrome, large person syndrome, you name it, there is probably a reason why the person, sorry, the 'guru' has blown something way out of proportion. But why is it aligned to a sport such as tennis do you think ?
Well as per usual I own a theory or two;
Tennis is bloody expensive to learn, correct me if I am wrong so would it be fair to say that some 'gurus' need to try to justify what they are charging by printing irrelevant information to fill up their daily quota of Media trash ?
C'mon GT that may be a little harsh, true but harsh, or is that harsh but true ?
When I first started this site it was all about how I saw the game, not a watered down version, not a Walt Disney one but a fair dinkum look at tennis in general. I make no apologies for the way in which I state certain 'facts'.
Tennis coaching programs now days remind me of the Stock Market of the 90's, full of bullshit, hype and promises and anyone could make money out of it. Eventually it was proven to be just what I explained it as.
I have seen up to 20 kids on a tennis court at one time, I have seen 'assistants' as young as 11 or 12, I have seen money change hands at the end of a session that may as well have been flushed down the dunny.
None of it is ever monitored, it's simply a free for all of epic proportions and one that Tennis Australia recommends to be coached at $60- $80 per hour. Where was that figure plucked from TA ?
Tennis is a sport that requires bucket loads of cash to learn privately as a group session of 20 kids somehow won't quite do the job as far as technique refining is concerned. So you tell me how much money is required to outlay at TA's 'recommended' price to bring a student from novice to champion ?
Beware the Spin Doctor of tennis folks as he or she will find a way to drain the bank account and offer little more than a few words 'of wisdom'. Tennis unfortunately is being taught by 'Zen Masters' wishing to live a champagne lifestyle yet deliver nothing more than cheap beer results. In fact if most 'Tennis Coaches' relied on results for a living they would be lining up at the local Centre link office for a wage top up.
Remember though, as most 'gurus' will tell you, 'it's what the market commands', it has nothing to do with results.
Funny sport tennis, taught by all sorts, particularly those full of their own self importance.........


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