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If I remember correctly there was an answer once from the great Argentinian Guillermo Vilas in the 80's that may go down in history as one of the best answers of all time in regards to a Press Conference question. 'How will you play 'Jonny Bloggs' tomorrow Guillermo ' ?  " With my racket" was Vilas's answer. ( It wasn't Jonny Bloggs, I just put that in because I can't think of who Vilas was playing ).
That answer by Vilas was how more dumb arse questions should be answered by tennis players because the Press Conference is always full of people who know nothing about certain sports yet they are like programmed robots. They ask things to justify their existence and to make themselves sound important.
Take the guy who once asked a pro tennis player, I think it was Berdych, how he won his match. Berdych looked at him and asked him whether he was trying to be funny because you see Thomas in fact LOST his match. The journalist didn't even watch the match and assumed that Thomas had won, interesting hey ? I wonder if that particular journo still has a job because to me that's not really doing your homework on the match now is it ?
I love the cliché answers however from not just tennis players but other sportsmen or coaches who get asked the same things over and over again 'How do you think it went out there today' ?
'How do you reckon it went mate' ?! That's what I would love to hear yet we get back the same old stuff ' Well I didn't play at my best but I got through'. I actually heard that one the other night on the AFL roundup when Hardwick was asked the question. I thought his answer was having a 'bet each way'.
'I don't think we played at our best but full credit to Carlton as they didn't allow us to play our game'. To me that answer lacks any real conviction as you are basically saying what is ridiculously obvious and that is this; It is almost an impossibility to play at your best in professional sport unless you are playing an opponent or team that really owns no ability whatsoever.
How is it possible to play at your best or play your 'own' game when you have someone on the same field who also gets paid big bucks to entertain the paying public and who has two arms, two legs and a desire to want to beat you into oblivion ?
Yet the Press Conference takes these answers with a pinch of salt every single time and offers nothing in return that I think should go something like this. 'What do you mean you had an 'off' day ? Have you no respect at all for the bloke who just lost to you 6-7, 6-7 who last year won a million bucks in prize money and who trains probably just as hard as you do and who will come into this room straight after you and will probably praise you by saying you were simply 'too good' ??! You know what mate, I reckon you got your head firmly implanted fair up your own bum'.
That's what I would like to hear one day because Press Conferences are all the same now days, all love, all touchy feely stuff that really doesn't change because the same thing will be written about each match every single time. One will say he wasn't at his best, the other will say their opponent was too good, cliché every time. Ernest Gulbis of Latvia had it right when he accused the Big 4 of boring interviews.
"Their interviews are boring. Honestly they are boring as crap. I often go on You Tube to watch the interviews. With tennis I quickly stop. It's a joke.
It's Federer who started this fashion. He has a superb image of a Swiss gentleman, perfect for him. I repeat, I respect Federer but I don't like it that young players try to imitate him. When I hear them answer like Roger, I am terrified of phrases like 'I had a little more success at certain moments and that is how I won'. I do not want to hear in an interview a guy who I will not name, but who I know well thinks all his opponents are ....holes, putting on an act".
Yep that's what Ernest reckons, brilliant buddy.
Ernest of Latvia sees certain things in Press Conferences that are an absolute pile of garbage yet it's all accepted and if you don't do an interview I believe the fine is upwards of 20 Grand.
Fair dinkum that's a big fine when you think about the fact that you could quite possibly take the transcript of each press conference regardless of the gender and put that to each write up in the paper the next day.
'I am just taking it one match at a time'.
'I was not at my best today'.
'I played well today.'
'I fought for each point'. 
Yep I reckon Ernest got it right, it's dull, it's always the same and the usual suspects never give their opponents any credit for their efforts despite a tight score line that has EFFORT written all over it.
The Press Conference leaves a lot to be desired, boring as crap indeed..........
***** P.S Last weekend in the AFL a 'journalist' asked Luke Beveridge, Coach of last year's Premiers, the Western Bulldogs whether a certain player would be back for their next match.
Beveridge is too polite to do anything but be polite as he politely told the 'journalist' that the particular player he was asking about had in fact retired. I thought journalists should know this sort of stuff......

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