Thursday, 29 June 2017


This weekend I am going to write a detailed post on why John McEnroe is correct in what he said regarding Serena, why the Interviewer was way out of line by stating that Serena is the 'greatest' regardless of gender and why equal prize money should be abolished completely.
If I upset anyone, well it's like this. I grew up watching Borg and McEnroe, I idolised those guys yet the funny thing is this, I despised McEnroe for being a bad tempered prick and I despised him for beating my hero Bjorn, yet I rate Mac now days as highly as I did Borg back then.
Why ? Because Mac says what needs to be said, he doesn't beat around the bush, he tells it like it needs to be told despite who he may upset in the process. Sort of like what I have been doing for around 5 years or so on this site.
For someone to interview someone who has played as many matches as John has against so many legends of the game and won over 160 singles and doubles titles combined only to be told that Serena is the 'greatest' of all time whether it be female or male is nothing short of disgraceful.
The silly thing is this, these people in charge of doing interviews know nothing of the history of the sport, they are simply robots of the Media all programmed a certain way who actually believe what they ask and expect a similar answer.
Well when you ask Jonny Mac those sort of questions then you are looking for trouble as he is a genius of the sport of tennis as an ex champion, a current Seniors Tour player plus a man whose commentary now days is nothing short of brilliant.
Mac knows when he is asked something that holds no water and he replies accordingly. Love him.
Going to make time for Mac this weekend and write one of those posts that I regularly do on this site that may upset a few people who know nothing about tennis yet have an opinion on it anyhow.
Mac is correct in what he said but I do question one thing that he did say.
He mentioned that Serena would have trouble with the guy ranked 700, I disagree.
Serena would not beat a male player inside the top 1000.......

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