Saturday, 22 July 2017


The following is by Andy Roddick. You just have to love his honesty as far as his trophy cabinet is concerned. It seems he doesn't own one that is visible to his friends. That to me is possibly one of the most humble things I have ever read.

"Honestly, let's break it down to the simplest moment: Most people who are in my house probably know that I played tennis at some point. So I don't know that I need shiny objects to try to enforce the fact that I played tennis at some point."

The following is part of 'Perspective'. Written not so long ago, by GT.

...."It is the only trophy that I consider to be worth anything, the only trophy in 36 years of hitting tennis balls. It means something to me because it was won against opponents who could play tennis......

So to those cabinets and mantle pieces full of figurines. I have often wondered why we put them out for people to see and is it to create a talking point of sorts, you know the one where the conversation revolves around your sporting 'expertise' ?''

I wrote that because I believe in perspective in a sport as tough as tennis.

"You can win all the local events that you like and place all of those trophies on your mantle piece for all to see and create a talking point or you can get your head outa your own arse and be honest with yourself as to who you actually beat."
Glenn Thompson

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