Monday, 16 July 2018


You gotta love the passion of Betty Scott who vented her spleen over certain 'issues 'at Wimbledon this year. She is very correct, the scheduling was beyond a mess, Why would you put Isner and Anderson on first ???
Well said.....
Add the clusterf*uck of the semi-final scheduling. Only braindead over-the-hill AELTC people would put the Isner/Anderson match on first. Because the possibility of a marathon match was very real and should have been factored in. Rafa and Novak should have played first. And more discussion is needed about the no tiebreak fifth set. Perhaps that is just for the final, when there's not another match to play in 2 days' time. This was unfair not only to ALL the players, but to the fans, who paid a ton of money for 2 semi-final matches and only got to see 1 1/2. (And who wants to see a 6 1/2 hr match anyway??) I have read that there is no rule that a match started with the roof closed needs to continue with the roof closed. Obviously closed/open favors certain types of play. The roof was closed so the match could be played until 11pm. There was simply no need for the roof the following day, and the idea that both players would have to agree is absurd. The roof should have been open on Saturday, end of discussion. So many things wrong with the way this was all handled. Wimbledon is not prestigious; it's so mired in stubborn tradition, that it's archaic.

Clusterf… indeed !!!!!!


Just to prove that Novak Djokovic is a complete tactical tosser, take a look at this from a few years back in Miami. 
9 Racket bounces followed by 20 hand bounces.
The guy is a flog, no risk.
I believe he wins on many occasions through upsetting the opponent.
Guys are more interested in thumping him in the change room than beating him on court...….

Sunday, 15 July 2018


Last night's Wimbledon Mens Singles Final was without a doubt the most excruciating tennis match I have witnessed for quite some time, due mainly to Novak Djokovic and his tactics.
I do not understand how a player can bounce the ball up to 17 times before serving, hit a fault, then bounce the ball another 16 times before a second delivery without the Umpire giving a time violation.
It was timed at up to 32 seconds on more than one occasion.
I believe the shot clock rules state 25 seconds between points.

The following is part of an article that was written on July 11, 2018, Courtesy of 'Canada Sports News'.

  "The WTA, ATP and USTA will introduce a shot clock at the U.S. Open and hardcourt events in the run up to the year’s final Grand Slam in an attempt to speed up the game, the tennis governing bodies said on Wednesday.
Under the new format players will have up to 25 seconds to serve or receive a time violation."
Novak Djokovic finds the decision to in fact be "disrespectful" to players.
I find that remarkably hypocritical.

Here's what's 'disrespectful' Novak.
The way in which you handled yourself on court in the Mens Wimbledon Mens Singles Final last night against Kevin Anderson.
Bouncing a ball that many times had 'disrespect' written all over it and you won no friends with those antics.
Sure, you had the umpire on your side who lacked the balls to give you a time violation, so that was a bonus for you.
The US Open of 2018 will be a tournament that targets idiots such as yourself who flaunt the rules and do not care about anyone but yourself and your big ego.
I do not believe that you bounced the ball that many times against Rafa in the semi, so surely it was a tactic designed to upset Anderson.
The US Open of 2018 will be worth a look, if nothing else but to see how you shorten your routine by as much as 7 seconds between points, that's around 7 to 10 bounces for you.
Tennis players owe the paying public as well as the viewers at home the courtesy of fair play towards the opponent, respect towards the tradition of the game and a genuine attempt to play within the rules of the game.
Last night I saw neither of those things from you Novak.
As far as a tennis player is concerned, you are superb, as far as a Gentleman of the sport is concerned, you fail miserably Novak.
Regards Glenn

Tuesday, 10 July 2018


The following is part of what former Wimbledon Champion Marion Bartoli had to say about Gael Monfils and Nick Kyrgios.
In a stinging blast, the Frenchwoman said Kyrgios’s work ethic was “just not good enough to win a grand slam”, and said it was “pathetic” to see the 23-year-old and Monfils failing to apply themselves in the right way.
“It seems like they can’t grow up, they can’t become men and they can’t take charge of their own lives,” Bartoli said.
“I truly hope Nick will be able to get it together at some point. I don’t know what he needs. He’s going to waste his life if he keeps on acting like that.”
Marion Bartoli
For the record Monfils has won ONE EVENT this year and without adding in an extra $200, 000 ( give or take a few Euros ) that he took home from his Last 16 showing at Wimbledon this week he has won around $700,000.
Not bad for someone who is not 'applying themselves'.

Nick Kyrgios has won ONE EVENT this year without adding in $150,000, ( give or take a few Euros ) from Wimbledon and he has won around $600,000 this year.
Once again, not bad for someone who is not 'applying themselves'.

Anyone who knows anything about tennis will tell you the same thing, YOU DON'T HAVE TO WIN MUCH TO MAKE A LOT OF MONEY PLAYING TENNIS NOW DAYS.

Tennis indeed rewards mediocrity, unlike the 'good old days' where you actually had to make it deep into a tournament to make a living.

Marion Bartoli is on the wrong track here, these guys are not 'wasting their lives', they are in fact living the dream, the one that rewards early exits at tournaments mixed in with the occasional last 8 or last 4 showing.

Get with the program Marion, the hunger is not there now days, it doesn't have to be, few will win a major, many will become a millionaire regardless.

Correct me if I am wrong Marion...….

Sunday, 8 July 2018


During the Nadal / De Minaur match at Wimbledon last night I received a text from my buddy " Mate it's a disgrace, a f...… disgrace', ( MH is a traditionalist on the finer points of tennis and doesn't like players showing disrespect ).
'MH' was referring to the way young Alex De Minaur of Australia, ( as apparently he is now a fully fledged Aussie ) was giving Rafa the 'C'MON' after several mistakes from the Spanish legend's racket.
Almost on cue, the great Boris Becker who is commentating at Wimbledon this year shaded my text from MH by saying the same thing, though in his own words. Boris found the whole thing rather bizarre as most tennis players go by an unwritten rule of never applauding an opponent's mistake.
Any one who owns a hint of intelligence is aware that in sport you must remain humble and if you are going to spend time around the greats of the game it would be wise to show respect, unless of course you are not interested in anyone except yourself.
Lleyton Hewitt springs to mind.
It's all very well to become World number 1 however I doubt very much that anyone will ever mention Hewitt in the same breath as Rafa or Roger because their attitudes were and still are Worlds apart. 
The Australian Open of 2005 was a tournament where Hewitt forgot about the rest of the career in front of him on the World tour and went about getting himself offside with the whole of Argentina. 
Remember there will come a day in your life as a Tennis Professional where you may in fact have to travel to South America to play Davis Cup.
Now that would be intimidating for anyone let alone a player who is disliked in that Country.
Here's the evidence.
At the Australian Open in 2005 Juan Ignecia Chela was so incensed at Hewitt's antics that he spat in his direction at a change of ends. 
The following is part of a transcript of the match that was written in 'The Age' Newspaper on January 23, 2005.

"Down two sets to one, broken to love and facing a 0-3 deficit in what became the deciding fourth set, Chela appeared to get upset when Hewitt yelled "c'mon" after his opponent hit an unforced error to go down 0-40, and appeared to serve the next ball directly at the No. 3 seed.
He spat towards Hewitt after the Australian muttered something in his opponent's direction as they moved to change ends. The Argentine's aggravation came after Hewitt's second-round opponent, James Blake, was moved to mock Hewitt's celebratory gestures."

Sound familiar ?
Fast forward to the Quarter Final, Aussie Open 2005 where Hewitt took on David Nalbandian, and once again he took on Argentina.
At a change of ends the two players rubbed shoulders though if you take a look at the replay of it you will clearly see that Nalbandian walks off court first, around the net post. It is Hewitt who does not give way, instead he decides to nudge past the Argentinian who took exception to the Aussie's lack of etiquette.
Did I say 'lack of etiquette' ?
Last night Rafa stood at three set points up in the second set when De Minaur broke a string. The following effort from the young Aussie had lack of etiquette written all over it.
A rather casual walk to his bag to grab another racket followed by another leisurely stroll back to the baseline without so much as a hand in the air or a 'sorry' had shades of Hewitt written all over it.
Did I mention Lleyton Hewitt is now days regarded as Alex De Minaur's mentor ?
Wouldn't have picked it.
Davis Cup Australia versus Argentina July 2005 . As if the Hewitt vs Argentina circus wasn't enough at Melbourne Park in January it was rather ironic that Argentina travelled to Australia to take on Hewitt and his attitude in July of the same year in Davis Cup.
The opening match between Hewitt and Guillermo Coria was rather farcical to say the least though here is what Coria had to say about Hewitt after the match " You really feel like killing him".
This was in regards to Coria's accusations that Hewitt was openly cheering his mistakes.
Is 'C'mon' really the thing to say out loud when an opponent misses a ball ?
Personally I find it inspiring.
I played a local competition two seasons ago when I was a rather unfit 48 year old up against a 15 year old who hit so many winners against me that I lost count, yet I won. 
How ?
Well it was like this, one of the kid's 'fan club' members, an even younger kid than him had a rather annoying habit of applauding my mistakes, though he hid it rather cleverly by saying 'great shot' to his mate even when I hit an unforced error ( I hit plenty ). 
I thought to myself that there is only one way to shut the fan club up, win the match, which I did. 
Sorry I get distracted when I write.
Some players such as Juan Ignecia Chela and Guillermo Coria quite possibly beat themselves as they did in 2005 against a player who simply got under their skin with his histrionics that were quite possibly contrived rather than being spontaneous. 
Here's another for you, Davis Cup 2006, Argentina vs Australia in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
( Did I mention earlier in this post that you need to be careful in a sport such as tennis as you never know when you may have to play Argentina in Argentina ?? )
"Hewitt seems to think that he's come to Iraq; that they are going to plant a bomb," Argentinian Davis Cup player Jose Acasuso said this week of Hewitt employing two personal bodyguards for the tie. As the most hated sports personality in Argentina, Hewitt is naturally a little bit nervous about the Davis Cup semi-final. David Nalbandian put it succinctly: "Nobody is a friend of him."
( Courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald )
In that particular Davis Cup Tie the South Americans pummelled Australia 5-0 with Jose Acasuso downing Hewitt 6-1 in the fifth set in the second match. 
I have seen some Rock Concerts in my time and this match reminded me of Jon Bon Jovi versus a street busker with the latter no match for the Rock Star who lapped up the crowd adulation, particularly in the final set where emotion took over.
So back to the De Minaur/ Hewitt 'mentorship'.
Adolfo Gutierrez by all reports coached Alex in Spain for around ten years, give or take a year. Lleyton Hewitt is now regarded as Alex De Minaur's 'mentor'.
Alex should not forget who taught him to play tennis and it is NOT Lleyton Hewitt. 
It's all very well to get caught up in the hype of being associated with former World Number ones etc but a player should never forget who took the time to show them how a ball is hit.
Rafa I am sure was not thrilled with certain aspects of Alex's demeanor ( pardon the pun ) and I am quite certain that not many players have yelled C'MON at the Spaniard's errors over a career that has netted him 17 Grand Slams.
However, just like a 48 year old 'tennis nobody' from Albany ,Western Australia did in a local comp' two seasons ago, there's one way to shut the player and the peanut gallery up.
Win the match, that usually does the trick...…...

Sunday, 1 July 2018


( Simon Briggs, THE TELEGRAPH )British No 1 Johanna Konta followed Serena Williams ’ lead as she expressed her dislike of the anti-doping requirements in elite tennis.
After Williams was recently revealed to have complained to USADA about “invasive and targeted treatment,” Konta said that she felt “hard done by” after a mix-up with UK Anti-doping left her with a missed test on her record.
“It's important to have integrity in this sport,” Konta told reporters at Wimbledon, “but I do feel there's definitely room for improvement in the way athletes are sometimes treated.
“It's quite a violating process: People come to your home. You're in your pyjamas. You get woken out of bed, told to take down your pants, give your arm, pee in a cup. It's an invasive process. It's something that comes with the territory, but I don't think it's something I will miss when I retire.”


That was British No 1 Johanna Konta's take on anti- doping requirements.
I get up around 5 am, go to work  in a 'real job' for around $25 per hour. I don't complain too much.
For Johanna's wage, I would be happy to 'pee in a cup' bright and early.....
Get over it Princess...…..

Monday, 11 June 2018


Lleyton Hewitt stated early in May this year that he plays now days with Aussie Davis Cup players to form a 'connection' out there during Davis Cup ties.
Ok so that is the reason that Lleyton apparently has come out of retirement for the fourth time now ?
I see at the Libema Open in the Netherlands this week Lleyton is in fact 'out of retirement' once again however this time he is playing it seems with whoever is willing to play with him.
Alex Bolt it seems is the 'lucky' one this time.
How many times has Alex played Davis Cup Lleyton ??
Your 'retirement' is one of the greatest farces of modern day tennis.
Regards GT