Friday, 20 October 2017


This year's US Open was one of those tennis tournaments that was possibly one of the most disappointing of the year due in large to one man's selfishness. The rather late decision by Andy Murray to not play was puzzling to say the least as he pulled out of at least two other events just prior to New York.
Anyhow I have covered this story in detail in an earlier post on this site, you may have read it. Personally I believe Andy Murray is a selfish prick, apparently I am not alone.....
Moving on.
Let's look at those players who deserve a spot in their World rankings and those who don't. Now I am not about to do a 'Jim Courier' here and totally bag out a player as Jim did at the Aussie Open a couple of years ago with his comments on David Goffin ( Jim believes David owned an inflated ranking due to Davis Cup ranking points ).
Personally I find that interesting as the Belgium number 1 has had several consistent years on the tour and cemented his spot in the top 15 though Jim doesn't agree. All that Mr Courier has to do is read the facts, it's not that difficult though ex pros seem to own some strange ideas that defy logic. Courier is a prime example.
Anyhow back to the statistics on the current crop of World ranked players.
What happened at the 2017 US Open was a disaster of epic proportions though some will say that it was a pleasant change to see someone different in the finals. I disagree. It was a disgrace. It was the Masters ( The top half of the draw ) vs the 'apprentices' ( the bottom half ).
Here's the stats.
Pablo Carreno Busta's hard court form leading up to this years US Open was up and down however Pablo did make it to the last 4 at Indian Wells though his lack of hard court ability was evident as Wawrinka smashed him 6-3, 6-2. 
Let's look at Indian Wells 2017.
First round - Pablo received a bye, he then won against a guy ranked 148, he then received a walk over, he then won against a player ranked 106, he then won against another dirt baller, Cuevas, 7-6 in the third.
Stan put him back to where he should be on a hard court, amongst a very large pack who have no idea how to step in and hit it, they simply wait back in the first row of spectators for something to happen.
His final 4 showing at Indian Wells was a farce and luck of the draw.
In Miami on hard court he lost to Delbonis, ranked 57, in the equivalent of the first round as he received a bye first up.
Then here's the silly thing.
The ATP World Tour heads to the clay.
In May, 2017, Pablo Carreno Busta won in Portugal on the clay and in Monte Carlo in April he pushed a rather fragile Novak Djokovic to three sets in the Round of 16.
He made it to the final of the Rio Open and lost in the semis of the Brazil Open, all on clay. It's fair to say, Pablo can play on the dirt.
He played no less than seven clay court tournaments before the hard court season 'recommenced' for reasons only the ATP have an answer for which started in Montreal in early August, 2017.
Hard, clay, hard , clay, interesting way of doing things.
In Canada Anderson beat Busta in the round of 32.
In Cincinnati Ferrer beat him in straight in the round of 16.
In the Winston- Salem Open Benneteau won in three sets in the round of 32.
Then came the 2017 US Open.
Here's a draw to beat all draws.

Pablo Carreno Busta takes on Evan King ranked 308, 6-3, 6-2, 7-6.
Defeats Cameron Norrie ranked 225, 6-2, 6-4, 6-3.
Defeats Nicolas Mahut ranked 115, 6-3, 6-4, 6-3.
Defeats Dennis Shapovalov, aged 18 and ranked 69, 7-6, 7-6, 7-6
Defeats Diego Schwartzman, ranked 33, 6-4, 6-4, 6-2
Semi Finals - Kevin Anderson defeats Pablo Carreno Busta in 4 sets.

Let's put all of this into perspective.
If Federer was elevated to the number 2 seeding, which he should have been, Pablo Carreno Busta would not have got anywhere near 720 ATP ranking points and nearly a million bucks in prize money.
The US Open seeding committee need to be sacked for what happened in New York this year and the spectators should receive a refund for the Committee's incompetence.
Andy Murray needs to be told that World Tennis does not revolve around him just because he has won Wimbledon twice and he should also be respectful of other players and the controversy and displacement of the draw that his late decision caused.

I have not even started on Kevin Anderson.......
Watch this space........

Thursday, 19 October 2017


Here we are again folks, it's tennis season.
Time to put the ads out there.
Time to tell the public you are 'Gods Gift' to the sport as 'The Zen Master'.
Time to tell people you are so well qualified it hurts to be you.
Time to offer the public a deal that is 'way too good to pass up'.
Time to tell the public 'hurry, limited places available'.
Time you guys got the car sign magnets out and placed them on the side of the vehicle so even when you are buying a big mac through the drive through, the checkout chick can see that you ARE THE ONE.
Time to put the fence signs up behind the courts so even when Bill and Mary (who hardly even play the game), but who hire a court occasionally can glance up at your art work and say 'Geez, this guy must be good'.
Make sure those fence signs have all of your qualifications on it including your years on court, how many 'stars' you have coached and what your motto is; 'With us here at....... you know your game is in safe hands'.

Just a thought you guys, don't forget to enter a tournament or two this season. I know it's a big thing to ask but remember that the kids who apparently look up to you plus the parents who pay big dollars for your 'expertise' would like some sort of assurance that you can actually hit a ball in the heat of the moment and not just at a witches hat in practice.

Don't go missing on tournament day or pull a hammy.
Practice what you preach.
Yep, once again folks, it's that time of year.
It's EGO time.
Tennis season is here.......

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


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Funny stuff, someone took that much time to look at this site a couple of days ago. Not sure why, it's simply something I do as a bit of a hobby and on several occasions  I read what I write a day later and cringe at the content. 
I just write about whatever I am thinking at the time, my head in tennis is like a tin of worms.
Tennis has so many different perceptions to so many different people and there is no real formula for success in playing or coaching, it simply comes down to a lot of good timing and a lot of luck on many occasions.

Let's face it, there are a lot of players out there who can hit a tennis ball very well but will they end up being a World beater or a good club player ? Will it just come down to good management or a slice of luck as to where they end up in the sport ? 
Tennis is easy to take the piss out of because it's a funny industry as most are very precious with their thoughts , ideas and methods, on and off court.
Tennis in general is grossly over priced, it's a sport where if you have success it's a home run, many dollars in the bank but in reality it may be better odds trying to win Lotto.
Success in tennis is like looking for a needle in a haystack, however it doesn't stop the coaching fraternity charging an hourly rate that suggest they can make you a star.
Only a mechanic fixes something for $100 per hour, a tennis coach will take more than an hour to fix your deficiencies.....
Perspective grasshopper.........

Monday, 9 October 2017


In 1979 my favourite Rock Band of all time, the great Cheap Trick released a song called 'Way Of The World'. It was way ahead of it's time. The lyrics had a special meaning, as they all do of course, though this song some 38 years on still has a feel to it that is rather typical of the way the World is today.
Cheap Trick still rock, they still belt out some serious tunes live around the World and it's all simple stuff, no gimmicks, just rock n roll, the way it was back in the 70's.
Let's fast forward to the era of 'entitlement'.
In the 70's you had to earn it, now days it's expected.
I make a phone call today in regards to a pair of shoes that I cannot buy locally.
'Gday mate I see you have a pair of shoes I am after, any chance I could get those sent down from the City please over the next couple of days thanks' ?
Yes but there is a $29 shipping fee and it can take anywhere from 2 to 10 days.
'Yeah sure mate, no worries however I have worked on and off for Australia Post for around 25 years and I know for a fact that for you to send those shoes to me would only cost a total of $10 and that's Express Post overnight. What are you doing with the other $19 buddy' ?
So on top of a pair of shoes which I hear can bring a Business at times a profit of anything up to 100 per cent it also seems a necessity to make a further 100 percent on the postage.
Way of the World ?
Here's a story for you, a factual one, nothing made up here.
A 'Tennis Coach' wishes to travel to a certain area of Western Australia and puts through a quote for a club, several hours from where they reside.
Now among other things I found this one to be the most humorous. 
By the time that 'Tennis Coach' actually reached that club, that town, that area of the State that was looking to find some one to hit their club members some tennis balls and to impart some knowledge, the bank balance would already have risen to around $450.
Yes that's correct, while that 'Tennis Coach' was sitting on their very important arse in their vehicle the dollar meter was already ticking over at a fairly steady rate.
So do you know what the answer was from the tennis club committee who received that rather comical quote ?
' Thanks anyhow, we will be ok this season'.
So let's look at it.
If a 'Tennis Coach' wants to travel it will cost money to travel however openly asking for money up front for fuel is not really that smart and could in fact be hidden in an hourly rate that could by some be deemed as rather expensive but most would say this;
'Well it's rather expensive but they do have to travel'.......
Interesting isn't it how the business of tennis now days is worked out as every step, every mile travelled and every sandwich that is eaten has to be accounted for.
When a 'seasoned' tennis coach ( an intelligent one ) goes onto a tennis court to do a lesson he or she will realise that an hourly rate of anywhere around $50 - $80 per hour will in fact cover fuel, the occasional sandwich, a bottle of coke,   a mars bar, a bag of chips, a meat pie, a hamburger, you name it.
Yet it doesn't.
In fact when the new breed of 'tennis coach' walks onto a court for a lesson they want that $50 - $80 per hour to be wholly and solely profit, in the hip pocket, away from the Tax Man. None of that hourly rate should, according to the new breed be touched by anyone except them.
Forget that meat pie, hamburger, bottle of coke etc, that should all be paid out of kilometres or miles on the road, not the court time.
I find that somewhat comical.
Remember most 'normal' human beings go to work for around $22 per hour if they are fortunate, most times that will even be before tax so perhaps $18 may hit the pocket per hour if they are lucky.
On the way home these real workers may think twice about a pie or a bottle of coke as it will take too much away from their hard work for the day unlike the modern day 'tennis coach' who is full of their own self importance all because they know how to teach someone how to hit a top spin forehand.
Way Of The World indeed...........

Saturday, 7 October 2017


Feel good stories do in fact happen in sport. The last post on this site titled 'David vs Goliath' was in relation to the remarkable run of the unseeded Wild Card pairing of Ben McLachlan and Yasutaka Uchiyama of Japan in their home town Championship this week.
Not satisfied with a semi final showing these two went on to make it through to the final where they took on the team who finished the year of 2016 ranked number 1 in the World, Jamie Murray and Bruno Soares.
Now for a team who are basically financially broke they would have been forgiven if they had simply gone through the motions in the final to take home a share of around $50,000 which would be like winning Lotto for these two.
They went one better.
McLachlan and Uchiyama can lay claim to home town hero status with a straight sets win over a team who probably had no idea as to who they were even playing. The 6-4, 7-6 win with a 7-1 Tie break score will go down as one of the best stories in tennis for the year as it defies any type of logic due in large to who the winners are used to playing on the Challenger Circuit.
So the question remains, do seasoned teams struggle against players who they know very little about ? Rojer and Tecau will probably say yes as twice this year they lost tight matches to a 'nobody' team as they did the same in Monte Carlo.
Tennis is a funny sport, it can dish up all sorts of strange results however I believe that the new scoring system in Mens Doubles is allowing for these type of results to happen. It has breathed life into a sport that has had way too many dominating players in the past lift the Championship trophy way too often.
McLachlan and Uchiyama took home a share of just over $100,000 and perhaps a feeling of belonging in a sport where just winning a Challenger event is a remarkable show of talent let alone taking that Challenger form into battle against the 'big boys' of World Tennis.
These two guys may just have kick started their tennis careers, at least now they can afford to eat out........

Friday, 6 October 2017


Here's another one of those David vs Goliath stories for you, a story that does not make a whole lot of sense due to current rankings etc, however it happened all the same. It proves that owning a heart in a sport as tough as tennis can in fact get you over the line.....
Ben Mclachlan is a 25 year old Tennis Professional who was born in New Zealand however as of this year he has become a Japanese citizen. Ben plays on the Challenger Circuit and has amassed a grand total of $15,000 this year. No I have not forgot any zeros from that amount, Ben has won what Roger Federer would keep as loose change in his ashtray of his Ferrari.
Currently Ben sits at World number 131 in Mens Doubles. In singles he does not own a ranking and has only ever once been ranked which was number 729 in 2015.
Yasutaka Uchiyama is also 25 years of age, a Japanese citizen, a Challenger Circuit player, has won just $1,600 in Mens Doubles in 2017 and is currently ranked World number 494. In singles Uchiyama has faired a little better with a current ranking of 214 and has won $66,000. 
Ben Mclachlan and Yasutaka Uchiyama decided to team up together to play the Japan Open this week in Tokyo however one thing was missing, obviously, a ranking high enough to gain them automatic entry.
The Wild Card system of World Tennis lays solely in the arms of the tournament committee who must spend sleepless nights pondering over who should be granted direct entry and who must enter the ruthless qualifying rounds. They must also make the decision on who misses out altogether due to a ranking that looks more like a cricket score.
Tournament Committees don't have an easy job but can look like geniuses at times when their decision making pays off and a player or team makes a mark on World Tennis. In Tokyo that's exactly what happened.
In the Round of 16 Mclachlan and Uchiyama had a tough third set Super Tiebreaker win over Huey and Shamasdin, a tough, seasoned pair who even though own rankings inside the top 70 in Mens Doubles still had to qualify for the Tokyo event.
Quarter Finals.
Rojer/ Tecau are in a different league than most in Mens Doubles and this was the next assignment for the duo who are simply just trying to win enough to stay afloat on the tour if you take into account their recent earnings.
Jean-Julien Rojer and Horia Tecau are the reigning US Open Champions, the 2015 Wimbledon Mens Doubles Champion team and the 2015 end of year World Tour Finals Doubles Champions. This is a duo who have amassed a career total of 58 World Tour titles combined and around 4 Million dollars each. It's safe to say that these two have forged a fairly handy career in the art of Mens Doubles.
So on paper this was a mismatch, something that should be looked at as a learning curve for a team as lowly ranked as the Japanese currently are, a match that some teams would simply be looking at winning a few games for some respect.
Tennis  however doesn't work that way if you have a team that believes in their own ability to not only strike a tennis ball but to actually play the game because as you know in tennis, there is a difference.
The ratio of players who can hit a ball well as opposed to the ones who actually know HOW TO PLAY TENNIS would be a discrepancy too hard to crunch in numbers.
In Monte Carlo this year there was the remarkable story of Arneodo and Nys who owned a combined ranking of over 1000 yet managed to make it all the way to the semi finals with a win over Murray and Soares, the 2016 Australian Open Mens Doubles Champions. 
What made that win even more remarkable was that Romain Arneodo had won just $54 for the year. Not sure where he won it but that was the official amount on the ATP website that has almost run out of room for the Big 4 and the amount of zeros at the end of their earnings column.
Back to Tokyo. 
Personally I believe that the 7-6, 7-6 win by Mclachlan and Uchiyama over Rojer and Tecau two days ago will go down in history as one of the all time great Mens Doubles wins when you take into account where all four players currently sit in World tennis.
Whilst prize money can give a certain indication as to how good a team is I think the amount of wins at a high level has more to do with just how remarkable this upset was.
Now here's the eerie similarities between this match and what transpired in Monte Carlo earlier this year.
In round two on the French Riviera Arneodo and Nys took out Rojer and Tecau by almost the same score as the match in Tokyo, 7-5, 7-6 and asks the obvious question;
Does a seasoned team struggle against an unknown quantity ? Proof in the pudding perhaps ??
It's one thing playing a Challenger Circuit, it's another to play the big boys, week in, week out as shot making prowess and split decision thinking rises to a ridiculous level of intensity. Yet in this instance David managed a win over Goliath, a win for the ages, proof it can happen.
No matter what happens next match, Ben Mclachlan and Yasutaka Uchiyama will have enough money to fund their chosen lifestyle for a little longer with a guaranteed share of just under $25,000.
It's still 'loose change' for Roger Federer but it's a lifeline for two tennis battlers...........

Tuesday, 3 October 2017


***شرکت نوين گيت*** با سالها سابقه در طراحي ،اجرا و خدمات سيستمهاي درب اتوماتيک و راهبند فروش،نصب و راه اندازي و خدمات انواع درب اتوماتيک (درب سکشنال - کرکره اتوماتيک - کرکره پنجره - درب ريلي اتوماتيک - جک پارکينگي - کرکره شفاف - رول گيتر - انواع راهبند و درب اتوماتيک شيشه اي... ) خدمات 24 ساعته و شبانه روزي حتي در تعطيلات رسمي مشاوره رايگان در تمامي مراحل on 'NOVAK VERY CORRECT'

My apologies however I am uncertain what this message means. Whether it is complimentary or otherwise can someone please translate this for me thanks ? It was in regards to a post I wrote on Novak's idea to make the fifth set a tie breaker at Wimbledon, which I thought was brilliant as I had written a similar post on the idea quite sometime earlier.
Thanks GT