Tennis Tips

One handed backhand slice, a "necessity". Takes your opponent out of their "comfort zone" and conserves energy throughout a match.

Double handed topspin backhand. Footwork is the key to hitting this shot effectively.
Two handed "drive". The left arm pushes through towards your target keeping the ball low over the net.
Forehand "drive". For mid court balls especially. Leaning on the front foot will add more power to the shot.
Open stance two handed backhand. Unlike the front foot drive this shot with its natural hip rotation will add more topspin and a higher margin over the net.

The forehand volley. A shot to finish the point. Again the key to this shot is getting on the front foot.

The serve. The toughest and most individual shot in the book of tennis. Body rotation and ball toss are the most important elements to a consistent serve.

Open stance forehand. The most commonly played shot in any tennis players game. Often hit instead of playing a backhand, especially inside out to your opponents backhand side.
Low backhand volley. Knees bent and firm wrist on impact, generally hit with underspin.




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