Friday, 30 September 2016


Would it be perhaps that in reference to my last post on this site one of the major reasons that the adult/ junior tennis relationship almost ceases to exist locally is because of where the youth of the sport are coached now days ?
As mentioned on many an occasion by my good self on this site the ONLY place to teach kids tennis should in fact be at a tennis club. Why ? Because it creates an environment for the youth of the game to soak up and look forward to one day playing against the adults in both tournament and club play. Yet that's not what happens now days.
The greed of the new breed of tennis coach is so rife that they have to resort to bypassing the local tennis club and instead conduct lessons on school grounds before and after school which does no favours for a sporting club. Why ? Because most are obsessed with making money and not at all interested in the future growth of clubs despite what they tell committees in their spiel at meeting time.
I mentioned in my last post that tennis in Albany has gone down hill since Holmsey left, that's a fact. Pete held all his coaching at tennis clubs locally and it's why certain clubs held record membership numbers that will never, ever be revisited. Is it more than a coincidence that within two years of Pete leaving town a tennis club that he was involved in went complete belly up and folded ? You do the sums.
All tennis lessons need to be held at a tennis club, it creates interest in the facility and it shows respect from a coach towards the game because that's where tennis players are born out of, tennis clubs.
I reiterate from my last post that tennis in my home town has died a slow death due to greed, lack of vision and complete incompetence by certain individuals as they have been involved with dealings from Walt Disney characters who know nothing about how to keep a sport in vogue.
You may have the occasional win, you may have an occasional champion but you will never, ever have again a sport that once had enough numbers playing that it rivalled the sports of today, nowhere near it. Tennis is a sport that requires intelligence to play and even more intelligence to keep the numbers and memberships flowing, not to mention the standard rising.
Every time tennis is taught at a school, well, the local tennis club misses out, yet it's accepted by both Tennis Australia and local tennis associations as 'the way to go'.
It's no wonder we still play Davis Cup ties on grass courts here in the land of Oz.
No intelligence, no vision, no idea...........

Tuesday, 27 September 2016


Tennis would have to be one of the most ridiculously over rated sports in the history of people running around chasing balls due in large to the 'people' who run the sport. The things I have witnessed over the years has given me much dialogue for both this site and my rather inventive book that I have put together over the past few months.
Take for example my hometown here in sleepy hollow, Albany, WA where for some reason tennis went from having people lined up at the car park on Saturday afternoons to get their name up on the board to play 5 or 6 sets against the best that the Community offered to what it is today, not a blip on the local sporting calendar. Why ? The wrong people in charge of it all, among other things.
Certain sports in certain towns can be made or broken by Committees and unfortunately tennis in my home town was taken over by people who lacked an education in the sport but were full of their own self importance which was unfortunately the reason why the sport lacks a heart beat now days.
Do we simply play the blame game or do we do something about it ? Here's what I did several years ago.
I went to no less than FIVE major Businesses in town and explained where I saw tennis at the time as to where it was many years ago in this town and I asked for a minimal amount of sponsorship to get at least one new tennis tournament on the local calendar, not just any tennis tournament however. I suggested a competition that pitted juniors against seniors, juniors playing with seniors and just about every grade imaginable to just about every tennis player in the region with a 'tweaked' scoring system to spice things up.
I also added that I was not at all interested in putting my name to it as I do not big note myself as many others do in this game either locally or elsewhere, I simply felt the sport needed something a little different than the Albany Open in January . Why ? Because that's when half the town leaves for holidays. You need a date on the local calendar that has all local players available. 
I simply asked for nothing more than a local Business or two to jump on board and give the dying sport of tennis a much needed lift in Albany, WA.
No replies, no one was interested and I in fact knew three of the Managers personally who I have hit tennis balls with and against for many years who I would also consider as friends', ( And I don't have many ).
That's one thing I tried, I also suggested a Men's Sunday Competition because of the fact that Saturday afternoon hit and giggle doesn't really get the juices flowing for anyone who can hit a reasonable tennis ball. Most clubs however would rather have 50 people turn up on a Saturday arvo and sit off every second set whilst sipping cups of coffee and talking about how the weather is and how the rain fall has affected the local wheat crops.
When I was a kid two clubs in town had Saturday and Sunday tennis such was the desire to play and such was the way in which the sport was run. It was run with a vision to make it a sport that would see adults and kids mingle together and test each other, to lift each other's standard, to build a club and to maintain a club. Today I see nothing of the sort, it's more a free for all and who can come in, make a few bucks here and there, talk the talk at a Walt Disney Committee Meeting and pat each other on the back about how well the sport is going. A real comedy routine. Here's another for you.
Many locals don't like me due to my rather outgoing way of explaining how things are and some have even gone to the lengths of saying they will not play a local tennis tournament if I turn up ! This was relayed to me by more than one person around five years ago. So this is what I have done over the past 18 months, I have played a total of ZERO tennis tournaments and I have put in a total of ZERO dollars towards any local tennis club membership. Now here's the funny part.
I know for a fact that certain people don't play local tennis tournaments due to their inability to actually play the game at all yet they blamed yours truly for not playing, but hang on I haven't played for a year and a half and those 'people' still haven't graced local tennis tournaments. Wouldn't be because they lack the balls to put it on the line would it now ? C'mon GT that's a bit harsh.
Personally I played EVERY single year that I ran a local junior tennis coaching program and not once did I offer an excuse, no injuries, no 'Business meetings' I simply turned up and played and you know what ? I won more than I lost. That set an example to my students. 'Our Coach can play the game, he doesn't just talk about it'.
Tennis takes balls, in more ways than one, it's all very well to talk about how good you were, it takes guts to actually put it on the line, that's where the industry now harbours 'people' who have no idea how to walk the walk, they simply talk a good game.
I hit tennis balls locally under duress for years, my wrist is absolutely f..... yet I had a cortisone regularly just to get through and when my club wanted me to play for them in the Champ of Champs did I take the easy way out and play dubs ? No I put up my hand to play singles and I still own the local record for five titles, not once was I interested in playing dubs like the fragile ones who were too soft to put it on the line.
Locally tennis now is a sport I am more than happy not to play because no one owns a clue on how it should be run. I have offered ideas but the Committee members of most clubs are there for a reason, they never knew how to play the game so they simply play it in a Board room where they own every title imaginable and are simply 'unbeatable'.
My old Coach Holmsey who I wrote fondly of in my book had more than just the ability to play and coach the sport of tennis, he owned a brain that knew how to manage the sport also and that requires intelligence.
That's what tennis needs in every single town, intelligence, not Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck and many other Walt Disney characters running the show who own a head full of very little except self importance and delusions of grandeur that never amount to anything.
Silly sport tennis, run by real silly 'people'...........
Nuf said. Over and out.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

'POACHING' ( For those who lack the ability to create)

The following is a snippet from a chapter from my book. In regards to my book, quite honestly I couldn't give a fat rat's toss bag if I don't sell a copy. It's a personal view on tennis and it's from the heart, not from a con man's view on the sport who relies on gimmicks and loud clothes to gain cliental.
I have always relied on my past experience to teach the sport of tennis, not videos and a Governing Body's recommendation on how to coach the game. That stems from 18 months of training in Queensland and getting clay court lessons from Frenchmen who had clay on their toast for breakfast. Long story that one, it's in my book.
The following typifies the tennis coaching industry as it's full of Arse holes who lack the ability to teach so they poach from those who know how to. Silly sport tennis..........

I once had a conversation with an astute teacher of the game as I asked them what they thought of poaching, did they ever do it and had they ever had it done to them. This is what his answer was, 'Thommo it's like this, anyone can poach a kid, happens all the time because it's all part of the sport but let's look at it.
Anyone can pinch a kid from a program with offers of things like scholarships, free restrings, cheap lessons etc but deep down they will always know that it was not their tuition that got the kid to their current ability.' Coaches who are struggling for publicity or numbers will go the easy way out and see a kid with potential at a tournament and slip them a Business card on the sly rather than create a talent themselves.
Some kids may be worth a future ten students if that's where they think a player was born out of so naturally a Coach will look to gain some star players any way they possibly can. Morally incorrect ? Absolutely, but it happens regularly and I would be surprised if it has not happened to just about every tennis coach in the business at one point in their career.So what does a coach do about it ?
Smile, take it as a compliment, others want your students because what you are doing is not hype, it's substance and in the current coaching climate that is worth it's weight in gold. Many coaching programs are simply hit and giggle tennis and that's fine if the cliental are all happy with that but if a student is looking to play tournaments then they will be looking for something with a bit more nuts and bolts to it.
Let's face it, if people are really happy with you then they will stay with you regardless of what else is offered to them. If they move on then there was a hint of dissatisfaction with you anyhow so if it didn't end then, well it would have at some stage down the track. I got offended once but I immediately thought about what the 'Zen Master' had said to me and I thought to myself 'You know what Glenn, that kid will always remember where they learned to play the game know matter where they move to.
If I got one kid to that ability I know I will get another, smile, you are doing a good job'. ( I think I did it with gritted teeth, but I did it )
Anyone can poach a kid from another, not many can create a statue out of sand, there's an art to that......

Friday, 23 September 2016


In case you haven't read much on this site of mine I will reiterate a point that I made after the 2016 Australian Open after I took exception to a comment made by 'Mr Egotistical' himself, Jim Courier.
During the Federer/ Goffin match in the Round of 16 Jim came up with a theory as to why David Goffin of Belgium was ranked so high and quite frankly I found it both hilarious and insulting all in one.
Now you are probably aware of my views on certain Commentators of the Tennis World and why I don't like many of them and it's because of their ridiculous way of taking sides or refusing to even acknowledge a player. One at Wimbledon this year came out with "I don't know anything about this player" which I found to be rather confusing because if you take 5 minutes out of your busy schedule it's easy to look up.
You see on the ATP World Tour site there is that much information about players that it's easy to find out in probably less than 5 minutes what certain players like, dislike, their rankings history, prize money and where they reside. If I was a commentator and about to call a match then I would use my initiative, look up the site, do some homework before the match and perhaps even bluff my way through a few things.
'I see David Goffin has made over one and a half million dollars already this year, his Father is in fact a Tennis Coach in his home town in Belgium and he was voted by his fellow peers 'the comeback player of 2014'.
Now if a commentator doesn't already know this sort of stuff about a player such as Goffin well they really have no excuses because it's all there in writing, all you have to do is both use your initiative and press a few buttons, simple really. Back to Courier, Mr Egotistical.
At this year's Aussie Open Mr Ego felt that it was his duty to explain to the public why David Goffin was ranked World number 16 and he was far from complimentary about it saying among other things that he received ranking points from Davis Cup matches that held no significance. Well Jim it's like this buddy, Mr Goffin is now ranked World number 14, he did even get as high as number 11, so how did that happen then ey ? Did he bluff his way to that number ??!
You cannot fake a World Tennis ranking unless maybe it's in the Futures events where guys are ranked down in the seven and eight hundreds for example but on the World Tour it is basically an impossibility to hold a 'fake' ranking. Try telling that to Mr Ego himself.
I touched on the Jim Courier book reading saga in an old post where I relayed some facts about this particular person bringing the sport of tennis into disrepute. This all came about when Jim thought it would be a good thing to read a book at the change of ends, a book that had nothing to do with tennis and which had arrogance written all over it.
I believe that Mr Courier was told by certain people in tennis that this antic was not to be done again due to the look that it gave the sport. If every tennis player sat down and read a book at the change of ends it would look like a children's nursery rhyme session with the only thing missing being the ball kids huddled around the offending player with big cheesy grins waiting for the moment when 'Itsy bitsy spider crawled up the water spout'.
Jim Courier is far from perfect yet he makes out that he is a man of great integrity and who never put a foot wrong, I tend to dispute that and I take exception to him bagging current players and their rankings. Sure I may have had a dig here and there regarding certain players however it has never been over their World rankings, probably just their antics. A player is a number for a reason, not because he wears fancy clothes.
Personally I think Jim Courier should apologise to the little guy from Belgium because it was uncalled for and lacked substance yet that's Jim Courier for you, full of his own self importance. Silly sport tennis, full of silly egotistical people......

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


If ever I get hit by a bus (which will make some people happy) I would like the following part of my book to be forever aligned with my good self. I never really had aspirations to make champion tennis players because I am aware of the process involved and I find it totally uncomfortable.
What I do however feel happy about particularly locally here in sleepy hollow down south is the fact that I kept a tennis club going in more ways than one. The most important factor as a tennis coach I believe is that you have a vision to keep a club going.
It's a necessity to look further than your wallet because in the long run a club will always look back on the times when Saturday afternoons were pumping with members, particularly the younger ones.
It's all very well to run a program with plenty of kids walking through the gate for lessons but did you really gain memberships at the end of it all and put kids on court against the adults when it mattered ?
Keeping a kid in the sport of tennis is the most difficult thing to do as a coach or a parent. I would much rather keep a tennis club running than burn a kid out for personal and financial gain before they could enjoy court time as a club member.
That's where the Industry fails, allowing an $80 tennis 'lesson' to take place does nothing to keep people in the game for long periods of time. All it does is show the public that certain 'people' in tennis are full of their own self importance........

 'PRODUCING A CHAMPION' ( Part of Chapter 15 )
Did I ever produce a player who will forever be known as a 'Champion Tennis Player' ? Absolutely not. In my time on a tennis court coaching students of all ages I can honestly say that the success rate was minimal as far as tournament victories were concerned.
What I did do though was make it affordable to learn and I never once burned a player out through the actions of too many lessons to either try to speed up the improvement process or for financial gain.
A coach with any clue on the sport of tennis will look at things realistically when it comes to training and court time.
There are many examples of kids burning out at a young age due to coaches offering too many sessions and not looking at the big picture. It isn't entirely the fault of the coach though as parents can often push their 'prodigy' too much, too soon.
I once played the final of my local Doubles Championship with a 16 year old kid who I taught as a seven year old and we played two older kids in the final who I also used to coach. Just being on court in a local tennis tournament final in front of a big crowd with three former students was an absolute thrill although we lost the match.
To me that was a win for my early tuition of those players. Sure they had grown up, been elsewhere, had another coach, given up the game, taken it up again, the usual story with kids however I had an impact into their tennis ability.
My partner that tournament also lost in the final of a City tournament when he was around 13, no big wins yet he was competitive with the best in the State in his age group, same as I was. That sort of thing I suppose gives you heart that your tuition is of substance and not just hype.
To produce a player that goes beyond those type of results and regularly beats the best in the City requires a whole different type of attention, something that never really appealed to me to offer a player. As always, I was wary of the process involved and the mind set of the student required to implement it.
Producing champion tennis players is a tough gig but some put all sorts of pressure on to achieve it, as a coach or a student who believes they have the goods. Some coaches will swear by their process of training a kid five days a week but probably what is happening will not really be doing the kid any favours or their parents' credit card any good. Tennis I believe is a sport where quality will usually prevail against quantity and it needs to be treated with that type of philosophy to keep kids in the game for longer periods of time. If you look at the average age of a tennis professional now days who is making a handy living it is not someone who is in their teen's, it's 25 plus.
Grinding a kid into the ground at age 13, 14 or 15 is not how you create champions, that's how you put a kid off tennis altogether.
Parents also need to be realistic. It's the type of sport which requires all round thinking and not a '5 minute' program which will make the coach rich and the kid worn out.
As the saying goes, 'Patience Grasshopper'.......

Saturday, 17 September 2016


The latest Davis Cup tie between Australia and Slovakia will once again go down in history as a chance missed by Tennis Australia to show some faith in their players' ability on a neutral surface. Of course I am referring to the ridiculous decision to play the tie on a grass court against a nation who's singles players' own a combined ranking of no less than 250, ( Kovoliak 123, Martin 127 ).
These rankings of course are ridiculed by the top two Aussies who have a combined ranking of 36 with Kyrgios at 15 and Tomic sitting at 21.
So would the outcome have been any different if it were played on a hard court at the Rod Laver Arena ? You know that's the little stadium Tennis Australia put together to take Australian Tennis out of the dark ages of the Kooyong grass court facility which unfortunately for many years held this country back from the rest of the World. 
Sure Wimbledon is played on grass but fair dinkum how many players are going to win Wimbledon ? There's hundreds of events on the tour calendar played on clay and hard courts that are going to develop a player's game and any player with any set of brains will train regularly on those mentioned surfaces.
Grass is a novelty and not one that is trained on regularly and sure many players dream of winning the big one at the All England Club. Most players however will realise that the French Open, the US Open and even the Australian Open are more realistic goals as they own surfaces that are played on all year round. So how often is grass played on ? Let's do the sums.
IT HAPPENS FOR ABOUT THREE WEEKS OF THE YEAR. A week prior to Wimbledon plus the two weeks during Wimbledon yet for some reason it is looked upon by Tennis Oz as the ONLY surface that Davis Cup ties in this country should be played on. Why ? Because the hierarchy are reluctant to move with the times here in the land of Oz and would much prefer to dream of 'the good old days' of Newcombe, Laver, Emerson and the likes who 'owned' Wimbledon and the Australian Open in the 60's and early 70's.
Move on Tennis Australia, the sport has changed, the styles have evolved and the training routines do not involve cutting, rolling and chalking grass tennis courts anymore because most tennis professionals now days only go to the net to shake hands. Serve and volleying is no longer in vogue unless your name is Roger and the great man has almost finished his brilliant career. I wonder how often even he practices on a grass court ?
Tennis Australia has a Davis Cup Captain by the name of Lleyton who unfortunately swears by a grass court surface and will also unfortunately back decisions indefinitely to play all Davis Cup ties here in Australia on grass. What that does is show the youth of the sport in this country that we do not practice what we preach and in fact confuses up and coming players who train on nothing but hard courts in Australia. Where is the logic ?
A hard court surface is one that gives no advantage to either player, it simply asks the better player to both out think and out hit their opponent, that's the beauty of a neutral court. Here in Australia we don't know how to think our way through a Davis Cup tie without reverting back to a surface that holds no significance whatsoever to budding young players keen to learn from the best.
Here in Australia we are still in the dark ages with our tennis and it's why even our best players fail to reach the latter stages of the big events on the World stage. It all stems from decisions made by certain people who should still be riding Penny Farthing bikes and wearing long white trousers when they play tennis with their wooden Dunlop tennis rackets.
Fair dinkum tennis in this country has a long way to go..........

Monday, 12 September 2016


The following is from the 'fruitloop' who basically doesn't like me. This 'person' believes they are around 20 years younger than they actually are and also called Serena 'Samantha' and Lleyton 'Clayton'.
It's what I have to deal with and unfortunately this 'person' holds a seat of 'responsibility' locally, God help us. Read on, it's a masterpiece......

'Hello Mr G Thompson. I have recently moved to Albany to further advance my career. As a single lady in her late 20's, I naturally want to get to know people, so becoming involved in a sport seems the ideal way to do this. Although I have never played tennis, watching it recently on television has encouraged me to consider this game as one of my options. While doing some research about tennis in Albany I cam across your website/blog. As it is titled Tennis Technique I assumed it would have coaching tips and advice on how to become a tennis player. Being a complete beginner, I have no real clue about tennis, however as cost is not an issue for me, I am prepared to pay for an extensive amount of coaching lessons and wish to be taught the game correctly. When reading through chapters in your blog, I was quite stunned and more than a little confused as to the contents and why you have even titled your blog "Tennis Technique"? In the interest of free speech and, given my professional position within the Health Services sector (to which I have a university degree), I feel I am in a sound position to comment on your blog chapters. It is (in your own words) an opinion piece and therefore, in the public interest, open to comment and reply. Your blog chapters do not hold any value to anyone interested in learning tennis. You seem to be using this blog as nothing more than somewhere to complain about things you do not agree with. You appear to be very preoccupied with talking about prizes and matches you have won many years ago which holds no interest to someone such as I, who merely wishes to employ the services of a competent coach. I do not wish to receive a history lesson of tennis games that took place decades ago. Chapters you have written stating Samantha Williams had thrown a prize into a rubbish bin is quite simply ludicrous and I can't image how you would think anyone actually believes you could possibly know that this took place? I do not recall seeing or hearing anything in the press regarding such an incident, so it is rather hard to believe you would have any knowledge of such a bizarre event ever taking place. I'm sure Miss Williams would be quite unimpressed to know such whimsical things were being said of her. So if you would explain why you continue to comment on famous players as if you know them personally and are qualified to make inexplicable criticisms of them, I would be very appreciative. I find it quite disappointing that you would berate such wonderful athlete's of your chosen sport (such as Australian icon Clayton Hewitt), so i can only imagine what a young impressionable child would think if they were unfortunate enough to stumble across your blog. Though you profess to love tennis and claim to be promoting it in a positive way, I take issue with your claims and thus, feel compelled to voice my opposition. There is nothing in any of your blog chapters that has convinced me that you are genuinely interested in actually teaching people how to play tennis. To the contrary, your comments are in fact very negative and indicate that tennis in Albany must be in a very sorry state, and , subject to looking further afield, is something I am not sure I wish to become involved in. If I am misinterpreting what you are saying in your blog Mr Thompson then please feel free to correct me, although it seems nobody actually leaves comments on your blog or perhaps you disable comments you feel contradict your views?'

Comment from GT.
I know who wrote this because they wrote another complaint to someone else locally about this site and I had to sit through a meeting because of it. I lost around 30 minutes of my life at that particular meeting that I will never be reimbursed for, total waste of time.
As I explained at that meeting, no one has to read this site yet some do just to find fault with my opinions. I simply write to express, it's who I am, it's a release just as others drink, play golf or otherwise. I live in a town where tennis has taken a huge step backwards since my old coach Holmsey left because it now lacks a vision.
It has about two senior events per year, doesn't own a pennant competition for any age and nothing changes from year to year, particularly the standard, that's another story.
I do not own a membership to any club and I refuse to play locally, it has a lot to do with who is running the sport, Mickey Mouse......
Good day.

Saturday, 10 September 2016


The following post is from a while back and it outlines the reasons for me changing the name of this site from 'Tennis Technique' to  what it's called now 'View Point'. It all came about because of a rather lengthy email I received from someone who regularly complained about the content of this site so I accommodated their wishes.
One of the complaints I received was about the 'Serena Williams farce' at the Hopman Cup and it outlined the 'fact' that she threw her runners up trophy in the bin which was witnessed by more than one person. The incident has also been confirmed on a Western Australian Tennis Facebook page by someone who saw it happen who was in fact an official at the tournament.
I thought the following post was worth another look, hope you enjoy.....

Thanks 'Champ' for your rather lengthy email, brilliant piece of work. The reason why I won't be publishing it on my site is because I won't give you that satisfaction. Only one person has complained about the content of this site and that's you, not sure why. You seem to be as disillusioned with the sport as I am, yet you take your frustrations out on me, not the game.
Your latest 'rant' touches on topics such as my 'past wins', 'lessons in history of the game' and questions whether I actually teach tennis. So just for you Champ let's clear it all up.
I originally put this site together as I felt rather than try to beat them let's join them instead, referring to Social Media pages which people seem to be attracted to like mosquitoes to a light. I felt that the public needed to see who I was on a site before they spent money on a tennis lesson. Fair enough ?
I felt that with 27 years teaching the game both here in Albany plus Perth and Queensland as well as a stint playing in Europe my experience would be enough to attract some business.
So anyhow the occasional ads in the paper worked minimally and a few students came to me by seeing the ads but I have still found that word of mouth is the best way. The other way of receiving clients has actually been through me playing the game, hence my occasional win here and there both locally and in Perth. As you get older in this game you have less success on court so if I do have a win, sure, I may write a brief light hearted chapter on 'old blokes' still showing the young fellows a clean set of heels. Words to that effect.
I find that playing tennis tournaments shows your students that you can 'walk the walk' instead of 'talking a good game' as many 'gurus' of the sport do now days. No examples are given by many and I believe it shows a distinct lack of heart.
After all if you can still play the game, are fit and have any ability whatsoever you will jump at the opportunity to show your clients that you can in fact teach what you preach. It's one of the reasons I still play as I am no longer prepared to pay for big glossy ads in the local paper, I will instead look for some 'free publicity' every now and then by playing a tournament. If you can still walk, well.......
Now as far as the 'history lessons', well Champ my knowledge of the game is pretty good, I can remember scores from 30 years ago, matches that shaped the sport of today and I remember incidents in matches as though it was yesterday. So quite simply I put it on this site.
If you aren't interested then may I suggest you go and buy a Tennis Magazine and simply read about the sport today and you will no doubt read some wonderful things.
It will be all about how good the sport is going in this country in particular without the controversy of years gone by when 'free speech' ruled the air ways.
You see Champ the Australian Tennis Magazine was in fact bought by a rather large organization who now regulates everything written about the sport in this country. It was bought for that reason from a 'tennis nobody' who used to write controversial content but got paid out to no longer print stuff that may have had a bit of an 'edge' to it. Long story, worth looking up.
As far as me teaching the game of tennis, well it's like this Champ, I do it for a hobby, a bit of fun, I don't rely on it for a living, not interested. I simply do it because people ring me for tennis lessons who like my down to earth way of teaching the game. I am not really interested in taking students away for tournaments as I simply don't have time and quite frankly I aint a 'baby sitter'.
My parents took me away for tournaments when I was a kid so I am not about to become a taxi service for others who are too busy to watch their kids play competitions.
As far as the 'Serena trophy in the bin' incident, well it's like this buddy, it happened. I know someone who witnessed it behind the scenes at the Hopman Cup and they relayed it to me, apparently it's a fact. You see that's what I do on this site, relay some facts and opinions, it's my opinion but I will relay facts as I receive them. It's not a 'Walt Disney' look at tennis, it's a fair dinkum dissection of the game.
I will continue to write on this site however as of this weekend I will be changing the name of this site, just for you Champ as you have given me a great idea, thanks very much.
All the best and I hope you continue to tune in.
Regards GT
Footnote- I know who sent me the complaint, and although I refer to them as 'Buddy' it was in fact a female who wrote it. Funny stuff indeed......