Wednesday, 25 September 2013


When teaching a game as complex as Tennis it would be an understatement to say that the parents are just as important as the student in the whole process of tuition. It is an obligation on the Coach's behalf to do a number of things for both the parent and student but honesty would by far be the best policy.
A fair assessment of how the pupil is progressing should be a necessity however in my years on court this seems to be neglected by some Coaches. When Tournaments are on offer it should also be talked about amongst all concerned just as to whether or not the pupil is 'ready' to play at certain levels. Local Tournaments are never really an issue, however sending kids to Perth to play against the State's best if they are not at the required level technically or mentally can be a huge mistake.
The Coach also has to consider price. In my situation I do not rely on the game for a living so therefore my pricing may to most people seem rather low. I am however no less committed than full time Tennis Coaches to see my students progress, I simply make the game affordable to learn.
It's a game that in the years to come may just be out of the reach financially for many if the progression of prices over the years is anything to go by. It is not uncommon in Perth to pay up to $100 per hour with the State's best Coaches.
Here in Albany you can be sure that learning the technical  and tactical side of Tennis under my guidance will be both educational and affordable.....

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