Saturday, 1 March 2014


Don't you just love it when the 'old blokes' win tennis matches ? Doesn't it give you heart to keep persevering ? it's a progression the game of tennis , only the 'scary' ones make a splash in their early years , the rest of us take time to 'mature' , physically and mentally. Fed's win against Novak in Dubai has inspired me to keep fit , healthy and in form as he is a player who is quite possibly getting better with age. He reminds me of the great Andre Agassi who made the final of the US Open at 35 and the legendary Jimmy Connors , the semi finals of the same tournament at age 39, giving the 'older' players inspiration.
I love reading in the social media pages people's thoughts who know very little regarding the intricacies of the game of Tennis. I mentioned just recently a piece i read regarding the 'old blokes', I considered it a personal  insult to have a go at older players being successful, i called it 'uneducated'. I like to look upon success at an older age as simply 'Experience shining through'.
There is a Tournament coming up locally that pits young vs 'old' and i really do hope that people who 'slander' the older players come down and have a look , it will be worth a look . It's where egos meet each other of all ages , the ultimate challenge. Are us 'old blokes' up for it ? You betcha, I wouldn't play it if i didn't think i could still match it with the young blokes , the ultimate tennis challenge, bring it on........

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