Sunday, 10 August 2014


Firstly I must send an apology out there for doing something I do from time to time, have a look at other tennis sites on the net, I apologize for being inquisitive. I tell you what though I do find it amusing as the new breed of 'Tennis Coach' strives for that all important 'ego boost' that will make them sleep well at night and make them walk a foot taller the next day.
On reading some comments you get a realization that tennis has definitely changed some what over the years, read on...
One of my favourite's was "we are leading the way in tennis coaching". Fair dinkum you guys if you were 'leading the way' then your players would be cleaning up at every tournament available, I don't believe this is the case, correct me if I am wrong.
How about this one " we will break you then rebuild you"!!! Yep this was right up there with the best of the comments I have seen . Maybe this idiot should take on a sport such as AFL or Rugby where that sort of dialogue is more appropriate. 'Breaking' kids in a sport such as tennis isn't what I would call a 'positive' message.
And then of course there is the 'Facebook Tennis Coach', you know the one who has more hits on the site than their pupils have accurate ones on court. The one's that crave the attention and brag about just how many people look at their pages of 'wisdom' are by far the most amusing. These 'coaches' remind me of the kid who never received much attention as a youngster, but now it's their time , albeit on a computer counter. "Billy Blogs 'LIKES' this" , you attention seekers thrive off the 'LIKES' don't you ?
I love reading these 'guru's' students' results especially the 'consolation' victories, come on you guys , I think you are just trying to fill up a bit of space with 'practice match' results. Sounds good though to people reading the article who are none the wiser. "Hey did you see where Jonny Smith made it to the semi's at the State Champs in the consolation ? Not sure what this consolation thing is but this kid must have a good coach "!!
You guys need to extract your heads from you know where and just do your 'jobs' without the 'Mickey Mouse' stuff that seems to be a bigger part of the sport now. Forget 'breaking' kids, just teach them the game without the gimmicks. Site and face book 'hits' aint going to make your pupils better players , why not concentrate on the on court hitting instead ??
'Exaggerated' newspaper articles will not do you any favours either because there is always someone who will read it who will see straight through it for what it really is.
The new breed of player needs the new breed of coach to teach them how to play the game of tennis , forget the garbage, it's important to you, no one else. People will eventually talk about you if your students start winning consistently, then everyone will 'LIKE' you. The New Breed, fair dinkum.......

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