Thursday, 15 October 2015

' NICK vs TEX '

Not quite sure about the latest tit for tat between sports stars but what I do know is that guys like Tex Walker know nothing about tennis. For those of you who don't know who Tex Walker is, he's an AFL player who kicks goals for the Adelaide Crows Football team. Nick Kyrgios claimed that he didn't know who he was after receiving a 'tweet' from him on social media. I thought that was a good comeback but then it turned a bit nasty and it even included Tex sending Nick a highlight package of his AFL exploits !
C'mon boys this is all getting a little bit out of hand, this is how it all started. Nick was playing Nishikori at the Shanghai Masters and Nick hit a fault, the ball was returned and Nick laid into a forehand straight down the middle of the court, nice shot too by the way, a practice shot. Problem was this, Nick is a marked man and anything he does is now being scrutinized with every umpire doing his best to be the one to send Nick to the 'sin bin' for a month of suspension. He has no more warnings left.
Every player has done it, I have done it, you have done it, it's a release of energy while you are playing. Stefan Edberg used to do it on his volleying when he missed a serve simply to complete a routine. Serve missed, he's still running in, he hits a volley, no big deal. So Nick is Robinson Crusoe ?? Fair dinkum I have never seen anything so beefed up in years on a tennis court that turned out to be nothing as it did not hit any linesmen or ball boys.
Tex Walker asks for Nick to be suspended for it. Why is that Tex ? Because you don't like Nick ? If Tex knew anything about tennis he should have known that what Nick did was not worthy of a suspension and subsequently Nick Kyrgios was let off by the authorities, good decision. It was perhaps like an AFL umpire making the wrong decision in an AFL match regarding a player's involvement in a 'rough' passage of play.
Does Nick Kyrgios send a tweet to an AFL player asking for the guy to be suspended and in the process adding that he thinks the guy is a 'flog' ?? No I believe Nick may just have more brains than people give him credit for. But it gets better. Patrick Dangerfield ( another AFL player) chimes in and defends Tex and has a shot at Nick saying how generous Tex is regarding his foundation that he supports.
So now it's all about personal values in life rather than what happened on the field!! Fair dinkum I have often said that I thought AFL players weren't bright but this has just confirmed it.
Nick Kyrgios knows tennis, Tex Walker and 'Paddy' Dangerfield know Footy. Please guys do the rest of us a favour and don't embarrass yourselves any further and by that I mean that despite Paddy and Tex not liking Nick they really need to let the tribunal do their job.
Nick was found NOT GUILTY fellas, get over it, move on, build a bridge.........

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